I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Wow. So far this week, I’m throwing all kinds of engagement sessions at you. I suppose it’s because so many couples are shooting their engagement sessions right now, while they plan their upcoming weddings. But wedding season is just now starting to kick up, so I promise, real wedding features will be trickling back in very soon. I hope you can survive all this engagement fabulousness in the meantime.

Here’s a sweet little session by Caroline Tran. This location is really killer, and when you combine it with a darling couple and a great photographer, it’s bound to look fab. I particularly love the dress and the suit out in the middle of nowhere.

Speaking of suits, let me take a moment to be honest here, ladies. I see too often brides-to-be dress up in a spectacular dress for their engagement session, but they let their man show up in jeans and a collared shirt. Gals… it’s once in a lifetime. (Kind of, anyway). I know it can be really tough to do, you know, to get your guy into something a little more GQ than his everyday duds. But it’s really worth it. Buy him a great outfit. Spiff him up. It’ll be worth it! I promise. Don’t outshine your man THAT much.

Can’t wait until you see what I get to bring to you tomorrow!!! (It deserves THREE exclamation points… I swear.)