I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

We LOOOOVE ombre! And because there is so much ombre inspiration going around, we thought we’d share with you this genius Ombre DIY from one of our Grey Collective members, Valley & Co. Events. (They also have tons of other DIY ideas on their blog, so it’s a must visit for all of you crafty ladies). This method works for any sort of ombre project you’ve had in mind–a table runner, napkins, etc. Of course, if you aren’t a DIYer, you can always call up Valley & Co. to have them handcraft your even FOR you instead. Love them and love this!

All in all, you’ll need: muslin fabric {washed and dried- don’t iron} | Rit Dye | scissors | pencil | yarn or twine | a bamboo pole (we found a bundle at Home Depot) | fabric glue

Step 1: lay out your fabric nice and flat {be sure it’s dry} and trace out your flags with a pencil. We have two flags sizes – the larger is approximately 24″ wide with 2 20″ angles and the second is 14″ wide with 2 24″ angles to make it pointier. Cut out the flags.

Step 2: DYE! Prepare your dye per the instructions and wet the fabric while your water is boiling for the dye. Place the water and dye in the bucket. Place one flag into the bucket, about 2/3 of the way down. Let sit for about 15 minutes. Carefully pull out the fabric until just the tip {or about 8″} is resting inside the mixture. Let that rest for another 15 minutes. What you’re doing here is wicking the dye and giving the tip that dark dark look. The center will be lighter and it will have a nice color gradient. remove the fabric and place out to dry on the grass. Friendly warning: do not hang these out to dry. The dye can drip and bleed and ruin the ombre effect! We spread them out on the grass and they dried evenly.

Step 3: Once your fabric is dry you can choose to iron it. Then lay it out on a flat surface – be ready with your bamboo spear, fabric glue and yarn. Place the bamboo atop your flag so that the top of the bamboo touches the top peak of the flag. Glue a thick layer of fabric glue down the bamboo and carefully roll the fabric over, pinching as you go. Be sure to really cinch the fabric in place so it rests nice and flush. After it’s done, embellish as you like!