I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!
It’s sweet moments like these that you’ll cherish long after your wedding. We asked bride Cori Johnson to tell us the story behind today’s “Caught in the Moment” photo, captured by JoPhoto.

This is my maternal Grandmother Sue Ballinger. This was the first time she had seen me all day and it was right after I had gotten dressed and was getting ready to walk out. My mom went to get her and bring her in to the dressing room so she could see me with my dress on , hair done, etc.

As soon as she walked in she began crying! I think I was cracking a joke about her crying the first time she saw me. She said she was crying because I looked so beautiful! She was so proud of me and happy to see me getting ready to get married. I am her oldest grandchild and the only girl so I’m sure seeing me about to get married had something to do with her emotions. Also…the women in our family, including my grandmother and myself, aren’t that great at concealing our emotions so crying is a natural reaction to everything, including overwhelming joy!

I love her and this picture! It reminds me of how happy not only myself and my husband were on that day, but how happy our families were to become part of each other! It was the most perfect day ever!


Vendor: Photography: JoPhoto