I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

I’m one of those girls who has never thought much about the kind of dress I’m going to wear to my wedding one day. I’ve never tried one on and haven’t torn out pictures or catalogued designers…mostly because I know that most girls end up with something different than they picked out from the magazines. The shape of your figure and the shape of the dress are such huge determining factors, that until you try on dresses, you really just won’t know what looks great. So I don’t pay super close attention to wedding dresses (at least in terms of “shopping” for myself).

That is until now.

If there was one dress and accessory designer I could adorn myself with, Johanna Johnson would be it. Are you ready for it? I DIE.

(Oh…and I gotta give props to my girl, MaeMae for changing my life with said dresses.)