I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Bridesmaids. Poor girls. Planning and paying for showers. Buying expensive dresses, shoes and jewelry (that they’ll likely only wear once). Shelling out more for flights, wedding day pedicures and waxed eyebrows, bachelorette activities, not to mention engagement, shower and wedding gifts. Dealing with emotional meltdowns (be it the bride-to-be, her mom, or Aunt Lucille), awkward introductions and hostess duties (make Cousin Janie feel comfortable…she doesn’t know anyone).

The list goes on. Ad nauseum.

I feel bad for the poor girls. It’s not like they could have said no.

My dear brides, don’t forget how much hard work goes into being a maid. If you’ve been there, you know. They deserve a little pampering and appreciation for all their hard work. I know weddings can be a drain on the bank account, but do not forget to save room in the budget for showing these girls just how thankful you are for all they’ve done. So, in honor of the terribly difficult (yet absolutely delightful) job of bridesmaid, I’ll be taking this week to feature finds for your bridesmaid gifts.

Today, I’m starting off with Boots’ beauty products, which as luck would have it, are priced rather affordably and available at your friendly neighborhood Target. (Oh Target, how I love thee!). How lovely would an assortment of these look in a vintage tin box or over-sized apothecary jar?




via Lovely Package

You can also opt for these fabulous bath and beauty pretties from Basin White.






via Lovely Package

If you’re lucky enough to have some real coin to spare, I’d pair an assortment of beautiful bath and body products with an hour massage, or even a pedi-mani combo (most definitely to be given by a professional, just in case you thought an IOU would work). Now THAT’S some real pampering.

If you’ve got a great suggestion for gifts, or received something fabulous, tell us about it! I’ll be sharing more maid-worthy gifts all week!