I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

When The The Brothers Wright Photography shared with me the story behind this wedding, I kinda had a heart attack:

Joshua and Eunhee were supposed to be wed on Aug 28 when Hurricane Irene struck NYC! We were stranded there for the weekend and they had to reschedule their wedding for October! I was glad to have the chance to go to NYC again, and experience the very personal and handmade wedding at the farm for Blue Hill at Stone Barns with 50 guests.

Wait a second. I stop at…RESCHEDULED their wedding!!! Hurricanes are clearly enough reason to change dates, but I can imagine the stress! This wedding is that much more amazing to see that really, this was kind of the second one Eunhee and Josh had to plan. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s absolutely gorgeous! Be sure to read below about Eunhee’s dress hunt–I love her insight!!

From the bride, Eunhee:

I started shopping for my dress (Novia D’art) 4 months before the wedding. I enjoy shopping when it’s for leisure, but when I have something specific to get, I procrastinate due to dread. Initially, I wanted a tee length baby blue dress, but my mother was not having that. She said “If you wear anything else but a long, white dress, I’m not coming.” I found my dress after only going to one other store. The consultant picked out all these typical dresses–strapless, mermaid style. Although all those styles are quite lovely and stunning, I just didn’t feel like me. I didn’t think it reflected my style or personality. I saw a dress at the corner of my eye, a high neck 1950s inspired gown, and said, “I want to try this on” the sales lady looked and me and said, “Trust me, you don’t want to try that one. For one it’s a size 10, and secondly, that dress has been here for 5-6 years and not one soul has tried that on. It’s old fashioned, and you are too young for that.” I totally understood where she was coming from, but I do believe no one knows what you like and your style more than you. I tried it on, and fell in love immediately. I love details and for me, details are everything. I loved how when right amount of light hit the top of the dress, it looks like this beautiful necklace, and how the bottom was finished with a thick off white ribbon, keeping with the 1950s inspiration. It didn’t come with a black sash. I envisioned it with a thick, silk black sash to break up the dress, so it’s not just one long white thing.. Also, the sash helps to keep a nice balance between the top and bottom textures.

Wedding resources — Photography: The Brothers Wright // Location: Blue Hill at Stone Barns // Hair: Cowlicks Japan – 137 Sest 19th Street NYC 10011 // Makeup Artist: Space Salon – 155 Avenue of the Americas NYC 10021 // Event Coordinator: Estelle Sibermann // Florist: Sandy Clothier // Catering, Cake & Dessert: Blue Hill // Car Service: NYC Taxi // Event Designer: Eunhee & Joshua // Officiant: a female Jewish rabbinate…