I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

I’m about to overwhelm you with a ton of details and great ideas, but first, I’ve really got to make a quick note about the math of style, which I hope will not only make sense to you, but also prove helpful while planning a wedding within any sort of budget limitation. Let me remind you before I go any further with this math business that I’m NOT a numbers gal. So believe me when I say this is a purely theoretical approach to mathmetizing your style (spell check tells me mathmetize is not a word. Well I’ll show you spell check! Word–created. Mathmetize. Boom.)

When considering purchase decisions for decor, I always ask myself, is this purchase going to have enough impact for how much I’m paying? The best example I can give you is Zach and Caitlynn’s wedding. By investing in large white balloons, they created a very high impact with a fairly minimal cost. It works out to a good ratio, you see? (Look at me being all mathy with the word ratio). They could have easily spent the same amount of money on creating larger floral arrangements, but would not have had nearly as much visual impact on their reception space. Obviously this is an example, but remember as you go about your planning to consider the value of the impact versus the value of the item. Even if the item is really cool, if it’s impact is over-valued, consider investing your budget in something that will make a bigger difference. Not only does this apply to visual elements, but also to any other component of your wedding, such as food, drink, music and the like!

And now on to the goodness! First up are the really really really lovely images shot by Ellie Grover. Check back in later today for Zach and Caitlynn’s video, which shows even more details in real life. I know you’ll love it!