I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Devin and Eddie planned a destination wedding at a beach house on St. George Island, which has been in the bride’s family for generations! They hosted friends from all over the country for an elegantly simple beachside wedding. We adore the soft palette of ocean blues and greens, and absolutely love the images by Vue Photography.







What made the wedding special and unique?

It was special because it was a destination wedding. My friends and family are all in the South, most of them only three hours away from St. George Island. Eddie’s friends and family, however, are scattered everywhere: Arizona, Virginia, Illinois, North Carolina, and Colorado, to name a few. I only had one friend who had to travel more than Eddie’s crew did, and she came all the way from Hawaii. It was extremely special that they all were willing to travel, near or far, to celebrate the most important day in our lives. Except for our immediate family, none of Eddie’s friends and family had met any of my friends or family, but they all got along so well! It was so much fun to see everyone we love love each other!






What were some touches added to make it personal?

There were quite a few special touches to the wedding. First of all, we were married at my grandmother’s beach house, which has been in the Webb family for nearly 25 years. I have been going down there my entire life! Second, our close friend Ean Sonnier married us. It was so great to have a friend officiate the ceremony! Third, Eddie wore his father’s bluebird pin on his jacket lapel, and Devin’s band was made with diamond’s from one of her grandmother’s rings. The rest of the diamonds from that same ring were used to make her sister’s wedding band.

Lastly, Eddie’s father, who passed away nine years ago, had a special table dedicated just to him, full of pictures of Eddie and him, as well as his favorite golf hat.






What was the most memorable part of the day?

We decided to do the “traditional” thing and wait until the ceremony to see each other. We hadn’t been apart for a whole day since we’d gotten engaged, and our engagement lasted almost 14 months. Our wedding was at 7 in the evening! It was the longest day of our lives! When he finally saw me, Eddie burst into tears almost immediately. I was still very focused on walking down the aisle. When I finally reached the altar, I couldn’t stop grinning. We had finally made it! The whole ceremony was much more special because we waited until that very moment to see each other.


Tell us how you met/proposed!

We met at a CrossFit gym in Athens, Ga. About six months after I first joined, another gym opened closer to my condo, and I tried it out, liked it, and started working out there. A few weeks later, Eddie sent me a Facebook message asking me where I had been. I gave him my number, we went out once, and the rest is history!

Eddie asked me to go out to dinner for a “fancy” date, and I, of course, said yes. We had made reservations for 8, and at 7 that night Eddie knocked on my condo door. I was still in my towel wrap! I shut the door to my room to finish getting ready while he watched TV in the living room. I remember thinking that my hair and makeup looked especially good that night before putting on my dress and high heels. When I stepped out of my room, Eddie asked me if I was going to wear a ring. I thought he meant the ring he had given me for Christmas. As I turned to get it from my jewelry box, I heard him say behind me, “Wait, I have a ring for you.” I turned back to find him down on one knee! He said, “Will you marry me?” and of course, I said, “Yes! Put it on my finger!”

Vendors: Photography: Vue Photography // Planner: Kate Grubb, Albany, GA // Florist: Petal Pushers // Cake: Sebrina Reese of Absolutely Cake by Sebrina // Caterer: Tamara’s Cafe // Event Planning/Rental Company: Panache Tent and Event // Invitations: Bella Figura