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Around these parts, we adore AMAZING photographers, so today is a special day, as we get to feature one of our faves: Brett Heidebrecht. He recently shot Mike and Gentry’s backyard Texas wedding, and we are completely smitten. Not only does Gentry have some great advice to share with you, but her wedding is completely down to earth, while still absolutely breathtaking! We know you’ll love!



Tell us what made your wedding special/unique.
Mike and I were on a tight budget, so we had to get very creative on how to pull everything together. The think that stuck with me the most and still sticks with me is how many people stepped in to help. For example, most of our flowers were donated from Malakoff Nursery, both of our cakes were made by a close family friend free of charge, I designed our wedding invitations to save money, and many, many more amazing things. People really showed up and it will never be forgotten. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives.






Tell us about your gown and how/where you found it.
I found my dress at David’s Bridal. It’s a Vera dress. I loved the simplicity and organic feel. I also added an Anthropologie belt to give it a little touch of me.

What were some personal touches you added to the day?
I’m not sure. Since everything was either handmade or found on bargain, I guess just about everything was a personal touch. I will say I had my Papaw make his famous buttermilk pies for the reception. They were a hit!




What was your favorite memory from the day?
Well, this may not be the best memory but definitely the best story. After the wedding… no, nothing risque… we drove from Athens, TX to our house in Dallas, TX to switch bags for the honeymoon and drive to the airport. When we arrived at our house in Dallas, the garage door was standing open. We both looked at each other perplexed wondering if the other had left it open. After a few minutes, we decided to go inside. Everything seemed fine, but we quickly heard a knock at the door. Our cute elderly neighbors were in their PJs at the door informing us that they scared some burglars away and that the police were on their way. The police showed up a few minutes later, searched the house, and when all looked fine, they left. We finally got to the airport hotel somewhere around 2:00 am. At this point, we are exhausted, but we laughed about the nights events together knowing they wouldn’t soon be forgotten.




Tell us how you met and became engaged.
Mike and I happened to be neighbors in Dallas. We lived several doors down from each other. The funny story though is that we both went to the very same small private university in West Texas where you seem to know just about everyone on campus. Somehow, we never met but had several of the same friends. Once in Dallas, we lived next to each other for about 6 months without ever seeing one another. A mutual friend of both of ours happened to be over at Mike’s place one night and called me to tell me to walk over. I did, met Mike, and we ended up talking all night not realizing that everyone else had gone home. God sure seems to work in mysterious ways.




Do you have any advice for our engaged readers?
One thing I would say for engaged gals: I think it’s very easy to get wrapped up in the details when planning a big event. I think I did that. I think we all want the perfect wedding, but in the end it will be wonderful no matter how perfect or imperfect things go. The point is to be with the people you love and to join with the person you cherish and will spend the rest of your life with. Those are the details that matter. I remember something a family friend told me when engaged. She said, “It’s very easy to get wrapped up in all the small things, to go from one thing to the next on your wedding day and it all flies by. When the music starts, and you are about to walk down the aisle, talk a deep breathe and stop. Take in the moment. Don’t let it pass you by.” This quote was so powerful for me. I did just what she said and it made all the difference. I needed that moment to gather my thoughts and soak it all in. What a wonderful adventure I was about to begin.





Vendors: Wedding Photography: Brett Heidebrecht // Wedding Venue: Plum Pond Bed and Breakfast // Film: Richard Photo Lab // Flowers: Malakanoff Nursery // Catering: Danny’s BBQ // Wedding Cake: Carolyn McIntyre // Wedding Dress: Vera Wang // Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy