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Today we’re happy to be bringing you this sweet wedding full of lovely, airy details. We’re especially digging the full, tulle skirt on the bride’s gown, the barely-there pink of the bridemaids’ dresses and the white floral accents by Angela Austin Design. Photographer Sarah Elle Norman captured all the details (not to mention the amazing, glow-y lighting) of Jami and Ben’s wedding day at Beacon Hill Catering & Events.

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What made the wedding special and unique?

I think one thing that really made our wedding feel almost surreal was the fact that we had a few bumps getting to it. When we first got engaged in March of 2014, we’d started planning a wedding for summer of 2015. Then we found out that Ben was getting stationed in Alaska (and we only had three weeks to move from New York to Alaska!) and thought it’d be better to plan it for sooner just to be safe. So we decided to have it in January of 2015. The same day that I was about to put a deposit down to book the Davenport (it was July 2014 by this point), Ben was told he’d be deployed for ten months beginning in September. Deployments are notorious for going over their date, too, so we planned it for August and just hoped for the best. When it comes to the military, that’s really all you can do. That, and be flexible once a last minute training, deployment, or any number of things changes that plan. He came home in early July, and the unit scheduled August for block leave for the soldiers to take R and R (a period of 30 days that you can take up to that entire 30 days off, or any amount within that 30 days). We got so lucky that our wedding date and honeymoon fell over an already planned leave time, and by the time we were celebrating our wedding day it just felt like a dream. The, ‘Wow, this is really happening!’ was amplified because of everything that had happened the past year, and it was amazing to finally become husband and wife and celebrate with all the people we love.

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Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

My Dress. I’m so in love with it. I went to a handful of bridal shops before choosing Marcella’s, knowing I’d end up there because of how much I loved her when my sister got married and purchased her gown from Marcella. I liked a lot of dresses I tried on, and was trying on a lot of different varieties. Obviously Marcella saw what I was looking for without me really even knowing it, because she came into the dressing room and pinned together a bunch of her own creations, and that was it! I fell in love! It didn’t have a lot of the details the finished product has, but she’d explained what she’d do and add, which made it possible for me to see it as a whole. But, when I walked out of the room in it, half my girls were a little bit underwhelmed by it. Especially compared to the extravagant gowns I’d been trying on. My sister loved it right away, and then my mom and best friend sort of said, “Hmm.” Their hesitation made me go,’No! wait! This is my dress!’ and I think that shows just how much I’d already fallen in love with it. Then, once Marcella added a few more of the things that made it look more like a finished dress and not a top, bottom, and middle pinned together, they fell just as in love with it as I did! The entire process was so much fun, and knowing it was something that she

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 put together just for me made it feel even more special.

What was the most memorable part of the day?

The most memorable part of our day is probably a tie between our first look and saying our vows. Our first look was very dreamlike and surreal, whereas our ceremony and saying our vows felt very real and vivid. The first look helped those jitters and butterflies calm down enough so I could actually really enjoy our ceremony without nerves. Neither of us thought our first look would calm us down and feel intimate (photographer, videographer, bridesmaids and groomsmen spying on us) but it did. Sarah managed to be all around us taking pictures without either of us realizing it, and we couldn’t stop smiling and looking at each other. Honestly, I wanted a first look just because it makes sense logistically to be able to see each other and get couples and family photos done before the ceremony. But I ended up loving it simply because of how special it was. It gave us the ability to truly be a part of our ceremony. By time I was walking down the isle with my dad, I could take in every moment and didn’t feel nerves or jitters, just happiness!

Tell us how you met and became engaged.


Ben and I have known each other since I was fourteen. I became friends with his youngest brother, Brandan, in junior high. And one day when Brandan was helping me with math homework, he passed his computer (we were talking on AOL instant messenger!) over to Ben to help. Then I met Ben in person for the first time later that year at Brandan’s birthday party, and after that I would always ask Brandan if his ‘cute older brother’ was picking him up from lacrosse practice. Through the next handful of years Ben and I developed a patter of losing touch for a bit (he went off to college) then catching up every so often. Then, he came home for Brandan’s high school graduation, and we began talking all the time again. I was completely in love; I don’t think Ben knew what to do about me. We’d always been friends, and I think the fact that I was five years younger made him resolute that we’d always only be friends and never planned on anything more. Well, you what they say about the best laid plans! We’d been dating for a year and a half when we moved to Upstate New York together for his Master’s of Physician Assistant studies. New York City was the first vacation we took after moving to the state, and we continued to go there a few times a year. When he proposed, he spent months planning and snuck away to the city to find the ring, then nonchalantly told me we should take a long weekend trip over Saint Patrick’s Day. He let me pick a few places as options, all the while secretly herding me toward New York City. That day as we drove into the city he told me we should explore Brooklyn a little more since we usually stuck to Manhattan. The sun was just setting when we got to the Brooklyn Promenade (a gorgeous area that has a view of the entire Manhattan Skyline) and we talked for a bit of how crazy it all was, where life had taken us in such a short time and how many more amazing experiences we had in front of us. Now, at this point, it gets sort of fuzzy. I realized where he was going with this and the next thing I really remember is being up in is arms and crying and having this gorgeous ring on my finger. We put a lock on the Brooklyn Bridge with our names the date, then went to an amazing restaurant. Ben put together a dream weekend for me, where all we did was celebrate us and our future together.

Photography: Sarah Elle Norman  // Wedding Planning and Coordination: Cameo Events // Florals: Angela Austin Floral Design // Hair: Carrie Gridley // Makeup: Earthly Beauty Bar // Ring Box: The Mrs. Box // Catering: Beacon Hill Catering & Events // Gown: Marcellas Bridal // DJ: Epic Vibe // Rentals: Event Rents // Venue: Beacon Hill Catering & Events


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Image Credits: 1-3: Theresa Furey 4: Jose Villa 5: Eric Kelley

Looking at these gorgeous images by Byron Loves Fawn is like indulging in a nice, frothy (whole milk) latte. The details dreamt up by Victoria Cameron are so lovely and airy. Perfect for fall, the monochromatic mocha-inspired color scheme is so fresh and the layering of textures throughout the shoot feels so current—not to mention gorgeous! Definitely pause for a minute to enjoy these images with you afternoon café au lait.

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Planning and design: Victoria Cameron // Photography: Byron Loves Fawn // Floral design: Sweetpea Weddings // Dress: Casey Tanswell // Furniture: Lovestruck Weddings // Ceramics: Kim Wallace Ceramics // Stationery: Sara Mundy Calligraphy // Hair and Makeup: Abi Read // Venue: Deux Belettes //

In the spirit of Halloween, we’re sharing this moody inspiration shoot from Meggie Francisco Events. We’re totally into the unexpected sophistication of the color palette—charcoal, blood orange, deep green and dusty blue— and the variety of textures like marble, broody wood and lush velvet. Need we mention how much we adore the edgy-glam bridal fashion—those black onyx drop earrings, though?! We know you’ll be inspired by these gorgeous images by Allen Tsai

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Planning and Design: Meggie Francisco Events // Photography: Allen Tsai // Florist: Lizzie Bee’s Flower Shoppe // Hair and Makeup: Q the Makeup Artist // Jewelry: Shapiro Diamonds // Bridal Gown Designer: Amanda Wakeley // Bridal Salon: Stardust Celebrations // Model: Rachel Sargent  // Paper Goods: Cotton Paperie // Shoes: Michael Kors // Film Lab: Goodman Film Lab // Location: The Highland Dallas

We’re calling it—this is the most adorable elopement of all time! Seriously, you guys, it’s overflowing with personality and we love the way Julie Shuford Photography captured the super-fun vibe. The mid-century Beverly Hills Courthouse lends some serious Mad-Men-esque flair to the ceremony images. The graphic style carried through the bright portrait locations and graphic details in the table scape at Hotel Bel Air. We’re totally loving it and know you will too!

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What made the wedding special and unique?

Emily and Bret knew they wanted to share this special day with their family in an intimate setting that focused on the family’s love and support for the couple. As part of this effort, the bride and groom decide the ultimate statement of simplicity would be a city hall wedding in beautiful Beverly Hills, CA, near Santa Monica, CA, where the bride grew up and the couple currently resides. By sharing their ceremony with a small group of 12 family guests, the couple was able to block out all the distractions and noise associated with large weddings and focus on the commitment they had made to each other. In the past year, Emily and Bret have had a blast celebrating their marriage with good friends from all over the country.





Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

The search for the dress was epic! The bride did not want to wear a traditional white gown but instead wanted something soft and elegant and flowy to match the intimate nature of the wedding. Finding the perfect color and design was a challenge. The bride finally found the perfect gown through hours of online searching that combined the champagne color she was looking for, sequins that sparkled but weren’t overpowering, and a design that captured a bit of whimsy and romanticism while still making a modern statement. Most importantly, the bride felt comfortable and beautiful all day long, and will save the dress to pass along to her own daughter.






What were some touches added to make it personal?

Despite the small guest list and simplistic theme, the bride was determined to add personal touches (having worked in finance for many years, the bride has a suppressed creative flair that often emerges through elaborate holiday decorations and epic adventures in baking!). When planning the decorations and favors, the bride knew instantly that Champagne Truffles from Teuscher Chocolate would be a yummy treat for her guests (Teuscher has been a long time favorite of the bride’s mother, a decadent tradition that was passed down to the bride). Sticking with the sweet theme, the bride and groom also knew the cake had to be special, so they went no further than their corner bakery which happens to be the renowned Sweet Lady Jane. Choosing a rich red velvet cake was an easy decision made even more fun by an indulgent cake tasting session. Choosing the Hotel Bel-Air for the post-ceremony lunch also had special meaning for the bride who grew up attending Christmas Eve dinners at the hotel with her family. Lastly, the bride’s older sister gave her a stunning bracelet from Van Cleef & Arpels the morning of the wedding which the bride wore throughout the day; this special memory has turned into a tradition in which each sister and their daughters will pass along the bracelets (the bride’s sister has three daughters and the bride is expecting her first daughter this December).




What was the most memorable part of the day?

The wedding day was filled with memorable moments – both sentimental and silly. Having the bride’s 7-month pregnant sister fly in from London with the bride’s eldest niece (5 years old) was a big sacrifice that meant a lot to the bride. Another special family memory was from the father of the bride who gave a touching speech at the post-wedding lunch reception, a toast which brought everyone to tears. A fun surprise included a personal visit from star chef Wolfgang Puck who came over to the table at the lunch reception to wish the couple congratulations on their marriage (Wolfgang Puck is the food operation at the Hotel Bel-Air). Other fun memories include the bride taking an Uber ride from the makeup stylist to the courthouse (the Uber driver’s first ever wedding trip!), the Geronimo balloon popping on a tree outside the courthouse (luckily AFTER the pictures!), and the bride and groom forgetting their big exit photo and thus taking staging the celebration picture while walking out of the “Entrance” side of the courthouse. To conclude the day, the couple drove down from LA to Rancho Santa Fe to stay at the luxurious Rancho Valencia, and given the late October time frame, this meant that the couple spent the car ride listening to the MLB playoffs on the radio given the groom’s loyal love for the Kansas City Royals – the couple cheered the team to a victory, a memory they will never forget.





Tell us how you met and became engaged.

Emily and Bret met during their first year of business school at UCLA Anderson in Los Angeles. Specifically, they met at the school’s Entertainment Career Night at the Warner Bros’ table – both the bride and groom were pursuing careers in media and entertainment. Their first date was a concert at Walt Disney Concert Hall followed by many more adventures including movie date nights, late night trips to the famous Diddy Riese, and attending UCLA baseball games. The couple graduated in June 2013 with their MBAs and began the next chapter of their lives together. After attending over 10 weddings together to celebrate new and old friends, and taking memorable trips to Ojai, Big Sur, Kansas City, and Vermont, Emily and Bret became engaged in March 2014 with a special proposal by the groom during a family vacation to the Cayman Islands – the groom asked the bride to be his wife under the moonlight and stars on the beach, and the couple hopes to take their children back to the same spot one day. The couple also plans to pass along their love of their favorite sports teams (Kansas City Royals, UCLA Bruins, Stanford Cardinals). Emily and Bret are currently expecting the arrival of their first child, a girl, due on New Year’s Eve 2015!

Photography: Julie Shuford Photography // Flowers: Ann’s Flowers // Bride’s Dress: Champagne Soiree Dress from Rickety Rack // Bride’s Shoes: Kate Spade // Bride’s Jewelry: Van Cleef & Arpels (bracelet) // Marcia Shanker (earrings/rings) // Groom’s Suit: Halls Kansas City // Balloon: Geronimo Balloons // Cake: Sweet Lady Jane (Santa Monica, CA) // Treats: Champagne Truffles from Teuscher Chocolate (Beverly Hills, CA)  // Heart Cloths: MadyBellaDesigns (Etsy) // Wedding Favor Tags: PrintSmitten (Etsy) // Confetti Bags with Hearts: thrasherandwren (Etsy) // Cake Toppers, Paper Mache Letters: Pelemele (Etsy) // Cake Stand: BHLDN (styling – DIY bride) // Confetti: PomLove (Etsy) // Bride and Groom Banners: ekaSpreadLove (Etsy) // Vintage Ring Box: CrystalCoveDS (Etsy) // Rustic Wooden Sign: ThePaperWalrus (Etsy) //Dried Lavender Bundles: Onederings (Etsy) // Wedding Venue: Beverly Hills Courthouse // Reception Venue: Hotel Bel Air