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Adriana and Ariel are a crazy gorgeous couple that are taking over today’s post to tell you all about their engagement photos shot by the ever talented Blackbird Foto.

© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com
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How the couple met:

We met while attending the Tax Masters Program at Florida International University. We have seen each other in school in the past, but we never talked (even though we both graduated from our bachelors on the same day and have graduation pictures together). Once we were in the masters, we started to get to know each other through common friends and by collaborating on class projects. This led us to become good friends. We enjoyed spending endless hours together talking just about anything and enjoying our morning coffee together before the class. Very quickly our Starbucks library trips became a tradition and often a subject of jokes for our classmates. Ariel would call me few times a week with questions about material from our tax classes…but after few months he admitted that he did that just to be able to talk to me. He was very persistent and patient. With the passing of time, I started to realize that our friendship became something more. We genuinely cared for each other. We would spend hours studying until late on school campus. Ariel would never want to leave, because waiting until the next morning to see me was too long for him :). Whenever we would be together we would just look at each other and say: Happy Times! It was our inside couple motto.

© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com
© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com

The proposal story:

Ariel proposed almost two and half years since we started dating. He chose the same place where we first kissed as the location where he professed his love to me.”

© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com
© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com

Ariel on the proposal:

“It was hard to convince her to go to celebrate our two and a half year anniversary…after all who does that?! Ultimately I persuaded her and we went for a late lunch and romantic walk on the beach. I started telling her with a shaky voice how much she meant to me and finally got on one knee to ask the love of my life to be my wife. Her first words were: Is this really happening? I remember tears in her eyes saying yes and making me feel the luckiest men in the world. There are no words that could really describe what I felt once she said yes. I just can say that I really look forward everyday to be married to the most amazing woman in the entire universe, the love of my life, my best friend, my everything.”

© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com

About the photoshoot:

Ariel and I want to memorialize our engagement in a timeless manner. We strongly felt that whatever location and theme we choose, it should truly represent us: where we live and what we often do during our weekends. We wanted a beautiful backdrop to create amazing memories for us, our families and future kids, but not necessarily in very traditional way. As a former model I knew that beautiful wardrobe and make up would truly bring my vision together. It took couple of weeks to create everything. Finding the clothes and right props was challenging. I also did not want my pictures to have a feeling of being too “sweet” or too “cute”. I wanted to express our love through Alisa’s camera lens with certain level of maturity and simple natural beauty with minimal make up.

For the beach shoot, we wanted to have a feeling of a morning after an amazing evening… a couple on the beach enjoying sunrise. I opted for a beautiful sequin Badgley Mishka gown and Ariel a slim fit Banana Republic navy suit. Ariel is Cuban and his entire family would spend every year their vacation in beautiful beaches of Varadero. Beach is very close to Ariel’s heart and so it was a very obvious choice for us. Also, Ariel did propose on the beach, so it will be actually always a special place for both of us.

© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com

Walks and picnics in the park is something that I really enjoy; hence, the idea for a fall picnic. Since I started planning the wedding I spend a lot of time browsing through pictures. A lot of the ideas were inspired by the photos shared by the Pinterest community, for example, the monogrammed bottle. Other props were more spontaneous finds, for example the Anthropologie’s monogrammed notebook or love poems book.

The walk in the park look was inspired by the verses from Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s poetic tale “The Little Prince”. It a romantic story that reflects on human nature and relationships. The story emphasizes the importance of listening to our heart and carying for each other are beautifully captured through quotes like “One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.” and “You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.” Ariel is my prince and I am his one and only rose :) I translated the idea through the Matheson Hammock park backdrop and a rose printed silk jumpsuit by Stone Cold Fox. My make up and hair were driven by the Ellie Saab models look. Very soft and romantic…almost angelic. My vision was executed by incredible Miami fashion make up artist Angel Gabriel.

© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com
© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com
© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com
© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com
© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com
© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com
© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com
© Blackbird Foto | www.blackbirdfoto.com

Vendors: Photography: Blackbird Foto // Make up: Angel Gabriel // Monogrammed bottle: The Printing Guy Inc.

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Patti and Christian planned an incredibly romantic wedding at The Prospect Park Boathouse in Brooklyn, NY (one of our all time favorite venues, by the way!). We are obsessed with the classic details and gorgeous colors that Patti chose! Heather Waraksa Photography is an incredible photographer on the top of our list of faves, so it’s no surprise that we’re obsessed with these gorgeous images! With details like that Jenny Packham gown and those florals by Violet and Verde we are seriously doing the happy dance over here!

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What made the wedding special and unique? 

Ten years ago Christian sat on the back steps of the Prospect Park Boathouse with one of his 1st grade students during a school trip. He asked Christian if he had kids, if he was married and Christian replied saying no to both, but that maybe in the future that would change. Walking down the aisle and saying our vows to each other just steps away from that spot ten years ago was a reminder of our own individual life journeys, which ultimately led us to each other.


Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

I was with my mom and sister, who were town for a girls wedding planning weekend, and Gabriella in SoHo was our 3rd stop. I knew I wanted a dress that gave a nod to the past while still being contemporary. Feminine, but not frilly. It had to have character and stand out, but more in the details than the dress overall. Jenny Packham’s ‘Nicole’ definitely fit the bill, I felt incredible in it, and when I saw my mom’s and sister’s expressions, I knew it was the one!


What were some touches added to make it personal? 

We met in Brooklyn, fell in love here, and planned to start our lives together in Brooklyn. Half of our guests were from out of town, so it meant so much to us that our family and friends could come see where we live. Plus, you can’t beat Brooklyn in June. Prospect Park was in full bloom, and much to the surprise of our guests, they never imagined such a beautiful place could exist in a big bustling city.

Our wedding was a very intimate affair. Every single person on the guest list played a part in helping us become the people we are today, so as a thank you, we expressed our gratitude in writing on the back of our programs. It was also framed and placed at the entrance. We also made custom tote bags marking that day in Brooklyn for our guests to remember after the wedding.


What was the most memorable part of the day? 

The ceremony was by far the most memorable part of the day for us. We felt an overwhelming sense of joy to share the ultimate expression of love and commitment with our family and friends. Seeing the faces of our family and friends as my brother walked me down the aisle to Christian’s father marrying us to cracking up at how nervous we both felt to the moment we kissed and faced the people we loved the most. We felt truly blessed, and it’s a moment we’ll never forget.


Tell us how you met and became engaged.

A summertime bike ride from Greenport to Shelter Island by ferry led us to Sunset Beach, where we escaped an afternoon shower over rosé and nicoise salads. The rain stopped and we decided to take a walk on the beach and luckily for us the rain chased all the beach goers away. It was just us, the beach and a proposal waiting to happen. He stopped, got down on one knee, and asked the question I knew I was born to answer with a yes.


Vendors: Photography: Heather Waraksa Photography // Venue: The Prospect Park Boathouse, Brooklyn, NY // Stationery: Annie Clark via Minted.com // Dress designer: Jenny Packham // Bridesmaid dresses: Monique Lhuillier // Florist: Violet and Verde // Musicians: DJ RT via Scratch Weddings // Bridesmaid gifts: Kate Spade // Hair and Makeup: VickyC5 // Shoes: Jimmy Choo // Tote bag: Conventiontotes.com // Cake: Moveable Feast

Today we are bringing you some Portugal inspired designs in the form of patterns, color, and texture! Shot at Hacienda Sarria by Photographs by Caileigh we just can’t get enough of this fresh approach that Love by Lynzie Weddings + Events styled. We love the boho meets modern combo!

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Vendors: Photographer: Photographs by Caileigh // Venue: Hacienda Sarria // Planner and Stylist: Love by Lynzie Weddings + Events // Floral: Living Fresh // Stationery: Beet & Path Designs // Cake: The Wedding Cake Shoppe // Dresses: Sash & Bustle // Jewelry: The Loved One // Hair and Makeup: Ashley Readings // Grooms Attire: Harry Rosen // Dishware and Stemware: Plate Occasions // Flatware, Favours, Rentals and Props: Love by Lynzie Weddings + Events // Film Lab: Photovision Prints

You guys. Whenever we get the chance to feature a wedding designed by Amorology, it’s pretty much the best day ever. Their work is so darn gorgeous and crazy town creative, that we can’t get enough! Rachel and Roy’s wedding, shot by John Newsome, is no exception! With Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa in San Diego as the backdrop for the day, and incredible gorgeous florals by L&S Design Co. covering the entire space, we really can’t imagine a more beautiful wedding! Seriously.

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What made the wedding special and unique?

One of the best things we did was actually before the wedding. We spent four magical days and nights at a resort spa called Cal-a-Vie before the wedding, which was ideal because it allowed us to get away alone together, to primp head to toe, workout, eat healthily for the week, and to relax and prepare for our big day. I highly recommend taking a “pre-honeymoon”! Then, all of our family and friends, from all over the world and every stage of our lives, arrived at the same place. Having everyone in one place allowed all of our diverse friends to meet one another and become friends, which combined to make our wedding night both a great party and a magical, almost dreamlike evening that neither of us will ever forget.


Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

I found the dress very early on when shopping at Ever After in Miami with my Mom. But, I wasn’t quite ready to be done dress shopping– I was having too much fun! However, I kept thinking about my Reem Acra Juliet dress, and, a few months later, I went back and got the dress. The Juliet dress was perfect for our garden, California wedding: unfussy, elegant, and more of an evening dress than a wedding dress, which I had wanted. However, I still felt that something didn’t quite look perfect about the dress on me. I asked the seamstress to add a little bit of volume to the skirt, but they only had an enormous underskirt available at the shop. We tried it, just to get sense of what it might look like, and the look of the dress instantly changed completely– and we got a shape that was perfect. We all knew that this was it. It was classic, but also unique, and I got to add something to the design of the dress. In the end, I embraced the poofy wedding dress!


What were some touches added to make it personal? 

My mom and I spent months collecting rose petals from the gardens of family and friends to toss as we exited the ceremony. It was piece of our home that we could bring to the ceremony and share with our guests. We also had some live plants included in the decor so that we could plant them after the wedding to remember our wedding day as they grew. We personalized our ceremony by having close family perform readings that were meaningful to us. Roy speaks English, Spanish, and Hebrew, and had family visiting from Israel and Mexico. We chose a reading in each of the three languages to honor the long distances from which our guests had traveled.


What was the most memorable part of the day?

Roy and I had never learned a choreographed dance before. But, we took on the challenge for our first dance. After 10 intense dance lessons with Eugenia Spotar from Dance Luv in Miami, we had learned the steps that she had choreographed to our favorite song, Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show. I was much more nervous about the dance than any other part of the wedding; I was so nervous just before, in fact, that I almost refused to go through with it. But, my husband encouraged me, and I’m so glad that he did, because we had a blast. It was the highlight of the evening for both of us. Everyone was so surprised when we started the dance and broke into line dancing, and were quickly up on their feet clapping with us and singing along. It got the night off to a fun and lighthearted start.


Tell us how you met and became engaged.

We met playing softball in Miami. My husband was asked to join the league because he had played baseball in college; but I, on the other hand, was invited, despite being not having played since 4th grade PE class, because the team needed three female players and had only been able to sign up two. I hit a single, but, upon arriving at first base, I stopped directly on the bag without running through it. My husband, who was coaching first, informed me that I, in fact, did not have to stop directly on the bag, and should feel free to run through it. Unfortunately, my husband was not sufficiently specific with his advice. On the next pitch, the batter hit the ball into left field, at which point I ran as fast as I could towards, and then past, second base and into left field, where I was promptly tagged out—to everyone’s amusement. Seeing his chance, my husband ran over to me and delivered the line he had been waiting to land: “Don’t you have a boyfriend who can teach you how to play softball?” And the rest, as they say, is history….

We got engaged on a trip to Vieques Island in Puerto Rico. In the morning, we went horse back riding on the beach, then had a picnic on a secluded beach, where Roy presented me with the ring. We snorkeled and swam most of the day, and then, when night fell, we went kayaking on a bioluminescent bay.


Highlight reel from Kavin Lindgren on Vimeo.

Vendors: Photography: John Newsome // Design + Planning: Amorology // Florals: L&S Design Co. // Videography: Kavin Lindgren // Location: Rancho Valencia Resort and Spa // Stationery: Peanut Press Creative // Cake: Michele Coulon Dessertier // Vintage Rentals: Folklore Vintage Rentals // Rentals: Classic Party Rentals // Linens: La Tavola // Rentals: Abbey Party Rentals // DJ: Hit It Music // Ceremony + Cocktail Music: The Get Down Boys // Transportation: SD Charter //

Okay ladies! For those of you newly engaged, don’t forget that one of the looming tasks on your to do list is to create a wedding website! This is always so helpful for guests who are traveling for the big day and is also a polite way to share registry information. What we didn’t know when it comes to checking this off your list is that a wedding website can be a lot easier said than done. First off, finding a source for well-designed sites in our aesthetic (read: super pretty) is nigh impossible. Second, finding pretty combined with functionality (read: virtual RSVPs!!!) is even tougher to hunt down. Forget about adding an easy interface so it’s easy to customize–the list is getting way too long! Until now, duh.

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Not that it was a hard decision, but are you ready to get started?

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