I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

I had a reader email me to request some inspiration for a purple wedding. (Speaking of…if you’d like to request an inspiration board, please feel free to email me!) Now, I’m going to admit something and I sincerely hope you won’t hate me for it: purple and I have had a falling out, and of all the colors on the wheel, she is my least favorite. Purple lovers, please forgive me. It is disheartening, I know. So, after I received a request for purple today, I decided I’d make the effort to get reacquainted with the old gal.

For starters, I must share with you this picture, which has me thinking, maybe I’ve been wrong all this time:


That being said, I’ve done a palette board here, and each row from left to right approaches purple from a different angle.

: : Row One : :  Shades of reds and pink brighten the sometimes drabby hue by adding a summery warmth.

: : Row Two : : Springtime purple, lightened up by the nearly-blue-periwinkle fabric, is a more subtle, lighthearted approach to purple.

: : Row Three : : DARK almost black purple accents which add a very elegant and dramatic contrast creating an unexpected and welcomed twist.

: : Row Four : : Chartreuse with a range of purple hues, creating a very fresh and vibrant palette.

: : Row Five : : Smokey purple, with sage, dark berries and light gold accents, make for a very romantic and sophisticated look. 


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