I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

I received an email from Whitney, who described her upcoming wedding in September, which will take place outside, next to a lake. Here’s what she wrote:

I have an idea of relaxed, vintage, whimsical (if that makes any sense). I was thinking using colors like grey (not silver. I’m talking grey cotton), maybe light yellow, or green. I really have no idea. I need help! It’s going to be at night with LOTS and LOTS of lanterns that I found on superwholesaler.com. I am using a ton of old vintage dishes and my fiance and I are making cloth napkins out of vintage, floral material. Maybe you can kinda see where I am going??? Sorry I don’t have more direction!

I think Whitney is headed in a GREAT direction, and I instantly started researching some ideas for her. Believe it or not, I got totally carried away. For colors, I went with grey, a few hues of green, and accents of vintage gold, with a tiny splash of cool minty blue. I especially love how well the gold adds to the vintage look.

Notes on what I’ve included:

: : Love the first pic of the fabric brooch. It has a very homemade feel and it would be cute in the hair, on the dress, in lieu of corsages, attached to a ribbon and wrapped around a vase, or affixed atop an apothecary jar filled with ferns.

: : Flowers on the chair. So cute. Creating unexpected elements, like an old garden chair, to display some of your florals adds to the whimsical component.

: : Lace doilies piled on a cake platter. Why? Why not?

: : Bales of hay covered in crisp white linens. Church pews, but not. Swoon.

: : Feathers. Weeds. Herringbone material shaped like a leaf. All great details to make a boutonnierre so much more.

: : Old bench [+] pillows of mix-matched patterns [=] delight.

: : The bronze locket etched with a bird would be a super cute addition to the bouquet stem.

: : Old house numbers found at flea markets and antique stores are reinvented as table numbers. LOVE it.

: : Canopy your buffet tables to add a romantic elegance to your outdoor setting.

I hope you enjoy! (For inspiration requests, feel free to email me.)


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