I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Okay guys, this post is for you. Girls, feel free to forward this link to your fella!


With the holidays fast approaching, proposal season is about to kick off, which essentially means it will be the perfect time to pop the question! In order to get you prepped, we have a few tips for the perfect proposal, so get ready!

  1. The element of surprise! Elaborate gestures aren’t a requirement, but a surprise proposal is always memorable. Even if your gal is expecting a sparkly bauble ANY DAY NOW, try to find a way to keep her on her toes!
  2. Make sure you have the perfect ring! This goes without saying and if you are ready to pop the question, it likely means you’ve learned all about “The Four C’s”! However, if you haven’t quite made the commitment to her ring, and you are not sure you’ve figured out her style, try to track down her Pinterest account. We promise you’ll find lots of hints there!
  3. Once you’ve got the ring, INSURE that puppy. There are way too many “lost the ring in a cake, sand, water, insert other scary item” stories to last a lifetime. Consider Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company who specialize in protecting jewelry. They’ll make sure you’ll be totally covered if the unexpected happens! Plus, your gal will feel less stressed getting used to carrying that rock around with her on the daily.
  4. Present it beautifully. We’re kind of bias, but we think a Mrs. Box is the perfect accessory for a new engagement ring!
  5. Plan a celebration. Whether it is just a glass of bubbly for the two of you, or a big surprise party, make sure you are prepped to celebrate the occasion!

Image Credits: 1-3: Theresa Furey 4: Jose Villa 5: Eric Kelley