Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

Well happiest of New Years to you my fine Readers! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful holiday season. I, for one, am not entirely sure where the last six months of my existence have gone. Regardless, it’s long gone, that’s for sure. I’m happy to say that we’re five months out from the big day. Yes, that’s right. The photographer, caterer, venue, DJ, dress, bridesmaids—they are all either done, bought or booked. Glory. Now we just need to pay them all. Gulp. Allow me to bring you up to speed on all the details below. But first, I’m in need of some HELP!

HELP NEEDED: Bridesmaid dresses

The bridesmaid dresses have absolutely been the bane of my wedding existence. Does anyone know where I can find mauve colored dresses as cute as these? Help a bride-to-be out!

mauve dreses

W&E Photographie

On to more concrete details…

VENUE: LaBelle Winery, beautifully nestled into the rolling farm land of Southern New Hampshire


Photo by: Mary Costa Photography


PHOTOGRAPHER: Zac Wolf, working his magic on some of our more recent engagement photos below. More on that in my next post! Wait until you see him work his photog magic!

Kate and Paul

Zac Wolf Photography


THE MUSIC: The oh-so-fabulous, DJ Doug Boucher of SOWA Entertainment

THE DRESS: Nice try. I will say, it has pockets. Yeah, pockets. So I can keep the essentials in there, like gummy bears. Best. Thing. Ever.

Also, I recently heard a great old wives’ tale that I thought was pretty sincere and funny at the same time. A recently married woman approached me at my company holiday party last month and asked about my engagement ring. This got us talking about the actual wedding day and if there was any advice she had for a soon-to-be bride like me. She mentioned lots, but my favorite topic was the weather. She told me that if the weather starts to act up, all I have to do is dig a little hole in the ground and put a piece of chocolate in it, then cover it up with the dirt. By feeding Mother Nature chocolate, I will have pleased her and in return she will give me great weather. This woman swore by it. She said the clouds literally formed a circle around her ceremony and reception the whole time. Overhead, it remained sunny the whole day. I thought, if nothing else, it’s a great little story because I’m such a chocolate lover myself. Lord knows, if someone gave me a piece of chocolate, I’d be sunny for them all day, too. We shall see!

Things we are still pinching our little pennies for? A videographer. Our honeymoon. A slow motion booth. Fireworks. Yes, I said fireworks. It is summer after all!

xox, Kate