Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

If you follow Grey on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, then you already know, but I am so beyond excited to share with you all that Bryan proposed last Thursday evening! We took a hike to celebrate my birthday and we brought along some wine, popcorn, and a blanket, in order to enjoy the sunset. I’ve known we were pretty close to engagement for a while, so of course, like the sneaky girl I am, I was HOPING that it would happen. Well, as we overlooked an incredible view of Crystal Cove, we sat there for over an hour just talking and soaking in the moment. It was so romantic but all I could think was, “Why isn’t he proposing??? Come on!” (Pic above, he hasn’t proposed as the sun dips further and further beyond the horizon!)

Well, after we finished our wine, finished our snack, and the sun was almost completely set, we finally starting prepping to leave. I gave up hoping it would happen and began mentally preparing myself to wait even longer. I leaned forward to take one last picture of the sunset and I heard him move to start packing. Instead, he was getting on his knee! He told me he had one more birthday surprise and when I turned around, there he was proposing! He actually managed to catch me completely off guard so, of course I immediately broke out into tears, and we sat there laughing and crying (me) and taking tons of pictures! (Pic above is the last shot of the sunset! Pic below is me absolutely in tears!)

It was completely our style–romantic, intimate, and beautiful!

Afterward, we walked down the trail in the dark while I called family and friends. Our night ended in old town Orange, where we met up with two of my three sisters, brothers-in-law, and some close friends for a bottle of champagne and celebration! We’ve spent all weekend celebrating, and I’ve been collecting our champagne corks for a really fun DIY project that I plan on sharing with you. (Dark pic below of my two sisters, although it’s not really official until we’re all together in a pic!)

Speaking of, one of the things I’m most excited about is the chance to share with you our wedding journey! There’s something special about being able to relate on such a personal level, so I’m beyond excited to walk the journey with you!