Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

Now that our Blogstress Maven section is set, I’m excited to start blogging all the details about our wedding planning process. I have a lot to catch you up on–our engagement party, dress shopping, vendor selection (that I’m still in the process of!), and all other sorts of crazy decisions. My wedding Pinterest board is a little out of control–which I guess is a good thing. We’re starting off with TONS of fun ideas, and then working on narrowing down our favorites and look for a sense of continuity between everything. I love too many colors and ideas–it’s the plight of the modern bride, isn’t it?

But before we dive in, I thought I’d share a proper picture of my ring and tell you a little about it, since that’s where it all started. You may remember that a while back, I wrote a post called “Hunting for Diamonds” that asked your advice on whether or not you were involved in picking out the ring. Your comments definitely helped me realize there is no right or wrong to go about it! Bryan and I had been dating for five years at that point, so naturally marriage was a part of our conversations. Ultimately, that meant I wasn’t in for a total surprise. Bryan let me choose between being surprised or picking out the ring. I chose the latter and ended up loving the experience (though I had a few exasperated overwhelmed moments!).

My initial choice was an art deco ring, but all my faves were waaaaaay over our budget. I ended up discovering champagne diamonds (which really is just a fancy marketing term for brown diamonds) and learned that they come in really soft colors! The color ended up being the part I love most about my ring–just a little something different. The cool part is, champagne diamonds are waaaaaay more affordable. So kind of a win-win, right?


What I learned most about the ring shopping process is how important the setting is. I thought that would be the easy part, but as it turns out, the setting makes a heck of a lot of difference. We felt a little overwhelmed at first after trying tons of options. I narrowed my favorite down to a cushion cut halo (yes, you can put a round diamond in a cushion halo–love that shape!). That’s when we found Kwiat. Even though they are based in New York, I was able to chat with the owner, Russell, over email and skype to describe the perfect ring. He understood when I talked about soft edges, delicate diamonds, and other weird descriptors. He recommended my favorite part about the ring: a “floating basket” which is a profile that allows me to have a flush wedding band. Genius!

I didn’t get to see the ring in person until Bryan proposed and it was beyond overwhelming. I sobbed. The perfect ring and the perfect guy–so much better than I could have hoped for! The setting is just as sparkly as the diamond, and it’s crazy how much a difference a quality setting makes. All that to say, everyone’s story is so unique, so I’m definitely a supporter of helping pick the ring if that’s your style.


Next up, I’ll be sharing with you our engagement party! I’ve also put together a fun DIY that I used to ask my bridesmaids to be in the wedding! Plus, I’m going to need your advice on picking out the right shoes. There’s some serious dramz headed your way.