I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

For the new issue of Utterly Engaged, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to go antique shopping with Editor Eva Chou and photographer Serena Grace. With no more than a little money in our pocket, we took on the challenge of finding vintage items to create a tablescape and event concept…in just a few hours. The task seemed at first a little daunting, but proved incredibly rewarding. First off check out the article, with all the fun photos of our shopping trip and results. Here are a few peeks:

Can we talk about how awkward it is to set your hiney down on a setee in the middle of a store and start posing for pictures? Dear heavens. I was bright red when I left the store.

Next up, here are a few extra photos I put together of our little bingo themed party…which, by the way, I’m putting on my calendar immediately! Love the rootbeer floats and vintage tea tins (which i would have filled with something fun like succulents…were I to have more than an hour to create our “event”!)

Be sure to check out Utterly Engaged for the rest of the article and TONS of other great features in this month’s issue.