I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

It seems it’s taken me the entire week to get my house fit for the Christmas spirit. I always decorate in winter whites, so I thought I’d share this board that inspired me while I worked away at spreading holiday cheer all over my couches and shelves. The only thing that’s missing is a Christmas tree. I thought it might be fun (and cost effective) to cut down our own tree this year. (Easier said than done, right?). Well, it just so happens that the Westin Monache in Mammoth has invited me up to tour their grounds and check out what they offer for weddings. I LOVE the idea of winter weddings, so I’m really looking forward to heading up to the snow next week, and coming back with stories and pictures for you all! And while we’re there, I thought we’d chop down a tree. (It’s totally legal!) All we need is an axe, a saw, and perhaps an iphone app for chopping tips. Stand by for results!

That means I’m on the hunt for non-scratchy sweaters and waterproof paraphernalia this weekend. I’ll be squeezing in a holiday party or two as well. What are you up to?

Happy wintering!

And remember this shoot that I styled last year?? (Featured originally here and here and shot by Jenny Liu.)

Well, we’re in the process of putting together another gift wrapping shoot + DIY! Beautiful packaging makes for two gifts in one, no? So get all your gifts ready, because we’ll be coming at you with some new inspiration.

Inspiration board sources left to right, top to bottom: 1. Rebecca Thuss 2. Lucy Snow Photography 3. Winter Bride 4. Country Living