I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Last week, we had a chance to share with you some highlights of our trip to Anguilla, which is seriously, a highly recommended honeymoon destination. Today, we’re excited to tell you about the second half of our Caribbean getaway–St. Barthes! While Anguilla has a very island, laid back quality to it, St. Barthe’s (just a quick hopper flight or 45 minute speed boat ride) is an entirely different feel. The moment you pull into port, you notice the architecture, which is sort of like taking a European city and landing it right in the ocean. Which is really the best way to sum up St. Barthe’s. Everyone and everything is French!

I’m excited to walk you through all of these gorgeous images by Jen Huang. Be sure to read to the very bottom–we’ve got an exclusive offer for you from Katie of Ever After Honeymoons and our hosts, Le Toiny.

After pulling up in our speed boat, we were ushered through the local downtown area and picked up by Le Toiny staff, who ushered us to the hotel. Here’s the gorgeous view we had from near the hotel.

Everyone that stays here is relaxed…

The left is a shot of our stunning room!!!

Most of the hotel is made up of private villas that have living rooms, outdoor showers, and…are you ready for this? A private pool!!!

Every morning, we were able to have breakfast in the restaurant or in our room. Bryan and I always chose the latter, and absolutely feasted on amazing breakfasts while enjoying the view poolside. If you want absolute privacy, all you have to do is raise the flag on the outer door to your villa and NO ONE will bother you–definitely a chance to get rid of some tan lines, if you know what I mean.

While on the island, we were able to enjoy all sorts of fun activities. One of our first excursions was an incredible 3 course wine paring dinner at Hotel Carl Gustaf at Victoria’s Restaurant. If you decide to make St. Barthe’s your destination, this restaurant hotel has an incredible view of the island as well as easy access to the local town center. Oh yeah. And killer food!

Here’s are all the ladies from the trip:

On the left is the view from our dinner. On the right is our final course (kind of a bonus course). What fun to nibble on macaroons and sip on cappuccino while we chatted.

Here are the fellas enjoying a toast. They were all so cute! For dinner, the guys decided we needed to split up–girls and guys. I think they wanted to be able to talk about stocks, poker, golf, and business without us girls interrupting with talk of weddings and babies.

One of our other excursions that we loved so much was the gourmet picnic that Hotel Le Toiny put together for us. Our first stop on the way to Gouverneur Beach was to nab some beers at the local mart.

The beach was so incredibly beautiful!!! Everyone immediately jumped in the water while Jen and I helped set up the picnic.

We were expecting ham and cheese sandwiches and instead, were beyond shocked to find shrimp quiche, pasta salad with roasted peppers and salumi, chinese chicken salad, truffle risotto wrapped in prosciutto, and homemade hummus! Are you kidding??? Oh. And a gorgeous berry compote for dessert (pictured above).

The hotel provided us with towels, beach chairs, and umbrellas. I think all we brought were our swimsuits and books!

One of our most memorable activities was a private yacht tour of the island. Look how cute our fellas look all together.

Us girls ready for some fun in the sun!

At one point, we pulled up to a cliff that some young locals were diving off from. Our driver was kind enough to make an excursion and let us swim up to the cliff for our own chance to jump off! (And yes–I was indeed the first girl to jump off. No doubt.)

Later that evening, we were hosted by Hotel Eden Rock for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Their view is gorgeous and the rooms are all built into a huge rock that overlooks the cove. I die! This is such a great place to visit!

The rest of the time on the island, we roamed around and got to enjoy St. Barthe’s.

And we can’t forget a little time for some rad (window) shopping!

If you LOVE what you’ve seen and are considering St. Barthe’s for your honeymoon, we have an exclusive deal for Grey Likes Readers. When you book through Katie of Ever After Honeymoons, Hotel Le Toiny will add in a gourmet picnic for you to enjoy at one of the many beaches on the island!

I hope you loved taking a peek at our adventures! All of these beautiful images were shot by Jen Huang!