I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

When we caught a glimpse of Ashley and Jeremy’s engagement session, it read like a how-to guide for styling the perfect photo ready wardrobe, so we knew you had to see it! We thought we’d make this session even more fun by including a few styling tips that you can see in Ashley and Jeremy. Very special thanks to Laura Gordon Photography for sharing her images with us! We adore them!


Tip 1: Coordinate. Don’t match. There’s nothing worse than a couple who is so desperate to avoid clashing, that they wear the exact same thing. Rather, we love the idea of coordinating your look with complimentary colors. Don’t be afraid of a pop or two–we love the combo of rust/purple/yellow and the navy/khaki/chambray/lime that Ashley and Jeremy chose. We also love that all four outfits looks great together as well. These images tell a great story and both looks feel cohesive!


Tip 2: Layer, layer, layer. The secret to a professionally styled wardrobe is layering! Your look gets an umph of depth and interest when you remember to layer up the ensemble. Ashley chose a cardigan, belt, tights, and a scarf, while Jeremy donned a vest/jacket combo with contrasting textures, and later wore a cardigan to help give a sense of dimension!


Tip 3: Accessorize. We can’t get enough of Ashley’s chunky necklace and bracelet! Jeremy’s bow tie is rockin’ it too! Accessories are always the key to finishing off the look of an outfit!


Tip 4: Use patterns! Ashley and Jeremy combined plaid, stripes, and two types of polka dots to keep things interesting. The repeated patterns, while different, help add to the sense of cohesion between both looks!


Tip 5: Keep your “props” personal. The main thing that makes this session so personal, sweet, and interesting is that Ashley and Jeremy brought along their furry children. It’s a natural extension of the two of them and isn’t forced–I feel like I know them just a little bit more seeing them in a relaxed environment with their pets.


Tip 6: Be seasonal! Because Ashley and Jeremy are planning a fall wedding in Virginia, they echoed the season in their engagement session. The location and the color and tone of their wardrobe is a hint at what’s coming next autumn!

Have you planned your engagement session wardrobe yet? Need styling advice? Ask away, darlings!