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A beach engagement session by Aubree Lynn Photography was a no-brainer for Alyssa and Cove who, early in their relationship, bonded over their mutual affection for Kauai. Cove (yes, how perfect is that?!) even proposed at sunset on their favorite beach. And, even more fitting will be when the couple travels back to Kauai this fall to marry at their beloved Polihale Beach in front of their family and friends. This shoot has us excited for the couple (and maybe a little for our own Spring Break vacas) and we’re loving the styling by To La Lune Events and that amazing tropical bouquet by Bloom Babes.

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Cove and I had been together for a little over five years when he proposed last May at Polihale Beach, Kauai. We met when I was 24 and he was 30, after opening day of the horse races in Del Mar at a party at the L’Auberge Hotel. Ironically L’Auberge is just a few short steps from my grandparents’ house, whom I’m extremely close to, and also Sea Grove Park where his parents got married. Little did we know this was a first sign we were meant to be. We first made eye contact as we walked past each other on a flight of stairs. I couldn’t help but tell my best friend that I thought he was cute, and from there she proceeded to stop him. He told me his name was “Cove” and I thought he was messing with me, so I asked to see his driver’s license – this made for a good joke! We danced and had a fun night, but eventually parted ways.


Cove and I quickly became best friends and our love for each other grew stronger with every adventure we embarked on. I love to snowboard and he loves to surf so year round we were always having fun. Cove and I both love Kauai, and had both been there as children with our families growing up. Our first venture there together was a amazing trip with his family. We continued to frequent Kauai & both fell in love with Polihale beach. My favorite and most exciting memory there was when Cove proposed on 5/9/15.


The day he proposed he had planned for us to go watch the sunset at Polihale. I had the feeling he was up to something as I’ve never seen him restless! He made dinner at our condo ahead of time and packed it up for us to have a picnic. Let me tell you, heading to this beach is not your normal drive. You have to off-road for about a solid 20 minutes on a bumpy road. I’ll never forget him driving so fast and I bet it was all because his heart was beating beyond control! Little did I know mine was soon to be the same. He set up camp upon arrival & even made me a little fort with his surfboard and towel so I could hide underneath during a typical Polihale wind storm. He went for a super quick swim & next thing I knew he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring he had designed himself. Smitten I said “yes!” and I could never have been happier.


I feel very lucky to have met Cove that day in Del Mar, and am so glad my best friend stopped him on that stair well. We are so thankful to be traveling back to Kauai to get married this September. Our journey has been nothing less than amazing and we are so excited to start this new chapter in our lives.

Styling: To La Lune Events // Photography: Aubree Lynn Photography // Florals: Bloom Babes // Bracelets: The Stacked Collection // Earrings: Jet Silver Beads Etsy


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Have you ever wondered how a wedding photographer chooses someone to photograph their own wedding?? Well so did photographer Kendal, questioning “who would be up to the daunting task of capturing this quasi-bridezilla/dreamer’s wedding?” Lucky for Kendal and Anthony, fate chose for them. The incredible Josh Elliott Studios selected the newly-engaged couple to model for their Joshua Tree Styled Shoot and the rest is history—and some seriously stunning engagement shots, of course!

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We’re in LOVE with the styling of the shoot—SO effortlessly beautiful. Of course, it’s plenty of work to make things look effortless, so for more details on the process and all the styling info (like, to buy that perfect-flowing-in-the-dessert-gown) check out Kendal’s blog post for all the behind the scenes scoop. We definitely know one thing for sure—we can not wait to see Josh’s images of the couple’s big day!


Photography: Josh Elliott Studios // Dresses: FreePeople Belle of the Ball & Vika // Sequined Gown: JS Collection // Heels: Alice and Olivia // Barefoot Sandals: Child of Wild // Boots: FreePeople Carrera // Makeup: Lauren Reid


Jennifer and Tony were married in the bride’s Missouri home-town, but they fell in love and began their life together by the sea. So, Claire, of  Imageclairity knew they needed an anniversary shoot on the beach where their love story started.  We’re digging the laid back-vibe and loving how Jennifer basically found the gown-metaphore (if there is such a thing) of the ocean. And—super-sweet side note—just a few weeks later Jennifer found out they were pregnant with their first son, so this shoot is the first ‘family’ pictures they have of all three of them. Enjoy!


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Photo/ Video: Imageclairity // Floral design: Little Fox Flower Shop // Makeup: Lacey Haegen Makeup Artist // Gown: Claire La Faye // Bridal Gown: Eve of Milady


We’re always excited to welcome photographers to the Grey Collective and what better way than with an amazing giveaway?! Today the new—and uber-talented—Grey Collective member, Sophie Kawalek Photography, celebrates joining our troops by doing just that—offering you a chance at a dream wedding photography package. Sophie, who has a background in fashion photography, is a self-proclaimed chaser of light and, if you ask us, she’s definitely capturing it in her airy and romantic fine art style. We’re smitten by the timeless quality of her editorial style and of course we love that she shoots in both film and digital to capture all the emotion and details an event. Need we say more—other than we’re thrilled to be presenting you with the chance to win a Sophie Kawalek Photography page for your big day! Check out more of her her gorgeous work here and see below for how you can win free wedding photography!

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Full-day wedding coverage to one amazing couple anywhere in the continental US. Here’s what’s included:

– 8 hours of continuous wedding coverage shot in film and digital mediums
– Hi-resolution images on USB
– A 1 hr engagement session or day-after session

To enter:
– Follow Sophie at @SophieKawalek on instagram
– Email Sophie.Kawalek@verizon.net with the subject Grey Likes Weddings x Sophie Kawalek. Tell Sophie about yourselves—wedding plans, how you met, where you’re getting married and any unique details about your event. Be sure to include a photo of yourselves to share if you win!
– Open to anyone getting married in 2016 or 2017
Winner will be announced on Instagram + Grey Likes Weddings one month after the contest is announced

Terms and Conditions
Sophie Kawalek Photography is based out of northern New Jersey and serves the NJ and New York City area. All travel fees and accommodations for weddings outside of NJ/NY will be paid in full by the winner. Weddings must take place in 2016 or 2017 to enter the contest.

Since it’s way-crazy-super-freezing-cold over much of the country, we figure it’s the perfect time to share this striking winter engagement session from Taralynn Lawton. Valerie and Vince are adorable (not to mention their sweet pup!) and together they perfectly pulled off a relaxed-chic winter wardrobe for the shoot. We love the whole thing and, for a second, are embracing the cold. Enjoy!

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From the Bride: About a year after Vince and I met, we were skiing in Homewood at Lake Tahoe, which has some of the most incredible views in the area. I was struggling with the whole skiing thing, basically just cartwheeling down the mountain, which isn’t nearly as athletic-looking as it sounds (trust me). Exhausted and exasperated with snow in my eyelashes, I sat on the verge of tears overlooking the lake when he came and sat next to me, commenting on my “interesting technique” for getting down the mountain, making both of us laugh. We knew then that we’d be together for a long time.




Six years, three apartments, and one puppy later, he was taking me to the Chateau Char Marron peony gardens in the hills of San Jose during peak blooming season, knowing peonies are my favorite flower. We were making our way through fields of blooms the size of softballs when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. It was our puppy running toward us through the gardens. I was both excited to see him and confused as to why he was there, when Vince untied a satchel from his collar and got down on one knee. The details from that point on are pretty fuzzy (my memories are through eyes filled with happy tears), but I must have said yes because he slipped the most beautiful vintage engagement ring on my finger and pointed to my parents making their way out of the bushes, joined by his mom who had flown in from Colorado. Buckets of tears ensued. It was a perfect day.











From the Photographer: I knew that Tahoe was a special place for Valerie and Vince, having bonded on skiing trips early on in their relationship, so I wanted to take them back there to spend an afternoon exploring the natural wonders of the area. And it seemed only fitting that we include their adorable pup named Ribs, who played a vital role in bearing the ring for Vince’s proposal! We caught an insanely gorgeous time of year, just days after the first snowfall, which made for an exciting mix of crisp late-Autumn and a magical winter wonderland. We strolled through different trails in the South Lake Tahoe region, stumbling on an array of beauty from fields of fresh snow to gorgeous Aspen groves, and finding a few patches of golden leaves hanging on from Fall. Valerie and Vince’s easy and adventurous spirit made them a joy to shoot, and they were such troopers braving the chilly air and stomping through the snow for me. I can’t wait to be back in the Tahoe area next year for their wedding!