I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Brooklyn Park

The trees all along my street are in full spring mode, which means for the short period of time that they are dripping in creamy blooms, a white canopy covers our little avenue with cascades of petals lilting graciously down to the street below. I’ve always dreamt of getting married under a tree like this one pictured here, from NY Times via Kiss my Aster (a totally cute blog about gardening).

So, all this tree talk got me thinking about what I’d do for a wedding if I were getting married under a tree. I can tell you, first off, the tree might be decked out like this one, by Jasmine Star.

Jasmine Star

And I’d likely want to have a wish tree, if it could look like this loveliness, via Here Comes the Guide.


And then perhaps something along these lines:

oak tree wedding

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