I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

As a florist, it is really exciting to see new and fresh color combinations. I encourage brides to keep your mind open when approaching color and wait to make up your mind until you’ve talked to your florist or designer. Often times, designers love the opportunity to create a unique color scheme that defies status quo.

TheKnot.com is featuring a new guide to color on their site. These are some of my favorite ideas:



Brown, as an accent color, is a little tired. I’ve seen it everywhere…and you know it is overused when venue coordinators keep up brown decor elements, just because that’s what every bride has been using. That being said, I’m not anti this warm chocolatey hue. I love it below in this tone-on-tone scheme that gives center stage to last year’s over-used accent piece. Brown with a side of brown is totally approved in my book.


Notice below, the use of baby’s breath. It’s coming back!