I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Ok, Ladies! You just got engaged, and that beautiful diamond you’ve been dreaming about is finally gracing your finger. Get that baby insured!

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Let me tell you a real story that seriously just happened to a dear friend of mine the other day. We were at the beach with a few good friends hoping to enjoy a perfect summer day! After a few hours of basking in the sun we headed to the boardwalk to cool off with some treats, when my girlfriend looked down and saw that her wedding ring was gone! While lathering on sunscreen she had taken off her ring and forgotten to put it back on! The search party commenced. The tide had risen, her future looking bleak. Her ring was not insured. We were freaking out. Miraculously that night, the ring was found (cue the Hallelujah chorus), but we learned a valuable lesson, get those diamonds insured!


Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company exclusively insures jewelry, which means they specialize in jewelry because it’s what they do! The company was started by jewelers for jewelers over 100 years ago – in 1913! Jewelers Mutual® understands what your jewelry means to you, and that’s why their policies are built around the way you live your life. Seriously, they have some amazing options including worldwide travel coverage, flexibility to work with your own jeweler, optional $0 deductible and most importantly— coverage for loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance!!! They seriously do it better than anyone else! Don’t wait until it’s too late on this one Gals!


All images by Jose Villa with Joel Serrato featuring Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry rings, style by MaeMae Co, Grey Likes Weddings, and Tulipina Design.

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