I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

We’re on the hunt for a qualified candidate to come on board our team. Check out the requirements below if you’re interested!

We’re looking for a super driven, well organized, go gettum kinda guy or gal who’s obsessed with things like organization, spreadsheets, and being early. The ideal candidate is familiar with the wedding industry, a blog reader and design minded, but not a designer! (Tough to find, we know!). We want someone with great computer, correspondence, and personal skills. This position will allow you to work from home, which means you need to be equipped with a computer, internet, and rad time management skills. Bachelor’s degree with experience in business, marketing, communications, advertising preferred. Hours may vary and pay is commission based, so entrepreneurial drive and hard work ethic is a must. If you’d like to be considered, impress us! Send a cover letter and resume to summer@greylikesweddings.com.

(Oh…and that outfit??? It’s J. Crew. Can someone get me that color combo asap? My closet is desperate to make their acquaintance).

***UPDATE: While we WISH with all our hearts that we were hiring a design or styling position, the truth is, we’re not. We love you all, but this job isn’t the right fit for you creative designer types. (Not that we don’t love you…really…we do!).

***UPDATE #2: Wow! We are so overwhelmed and humbled by the amount of response we’ve received! You guys are amazing, talented, super driven women and I wish we could hire all of you. How rad would that be? At this time, we’re closing off our call so we can take the time to speak with every candidate, but we’ll let you know if we are ready to receive more applications.