I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

As couples become more and more aware of the impact their choices have on a global scale, we’ve begun to see a trend toward hand selecting jewelry designers based on their ethical standards for harvesting and manufacturing. Today, we wanted to highlight three designers that we think are answering that call in a profound way–each with a unique approach to making a difference in their industry.

First up, is Uneek, who produces incredibly…you guessed it…unique rings. But in addition to that, each piece is produced in the United States at a warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles, which bolsters the locally economy by producing jobs and generating tax revenue. By manufacturing rings locally Uneek chooses to invest in a sustainable future for the local economy rather than outsourcing their labor to a developing country in order to cut production cost. We love this just about as much as we love their rings and especially the new Silhouette Collection, with gorgeous curvy designs.




Natalie K is a jewelry designer focused on the global impact of harvesting their diamonds. The Natalie K’s Forevermark Collection carries a promise that each diamond has been harvested in a responsible and sustainable fashion from the earth and the proceeds from the sale of the diamonds end up helping the community where the diamond mine is located and not funding any para-military rebel groups.





Danhov is an award winning designer of handmade engagement rings with a focus on the nature of their production process. Each piece is assembled completely by hand while avoiding many of the harsh chemicals and large machinery commonly employed in jewelry manufacturing today. This eco-friendly approach to sustainable jewelry manufacturing is becoming an increasingly popular trend as many potential engagement ring buyers are gaining an increased awareness of their own ecological impact. You can read more about Danhov’s story here and check out some of our favorites from their collection below