I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

For our wedding, Bryan and I decided to use Traveler’s Joy for a honeymoon registry! This turned out to be one of our favorite gifts, because after all the wedding whirlwind was said and done, we were thrilled to have some special funds set aside specifically for our honeymoon. And we attached a super fun memory–jungle bike ride adventure–to the gift. Seriously, ridiculous fun! If you are the kind of couple who wants to register for “experiences” rather than kitchen accessories, then I so highly recommend Traveler’s Joy!


Each year thousands of couples send their honeymoon stories and photos to Traveler’s Joy, so naturally the Real Honeymoon Stories section has become a popular resource for couples planning their dream honeymoon. In addition, you can view a few of their favorite honeymoon registries organized by region of the world here.

What Bryan and I loved about the registry was the easy of building our profile. A few fun photos, theme based activities to choose from, custom options we were able to edit, and then like magic, it was ready! You can even register for big items, like a private sunset sailboat trip (which your friends can then go in together because of easy group gifting) or “accessory” items like travel guidebooks, cameras, and luggage.



EVERY MONTH Traveler’s Joy is picking one lucky couple to TRIPLE the honeymoon gifts they receive from their Traveler’s Joy registry on their wedding day and! Register with Traveler’s Joy by 4/30/14, you will automatically be entered to win! So it’s pretty much a no brainer, right?

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