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If you are like us, you are always on the hunt for “the perfect gift.” Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the value in gifting experiences instead of physical items. Now that is something that we can get on board with!! Enter unique Tinggly wedding gifts! Tinggly is a global gift. They sell only gift collections and not specific experiences.

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Here is how it works:

One price, hundreds of experiences: One gift buys you an entire collection of experiences for your loved ones to choose from. They can choose one experience and book it in few clicks.
Anywhere in the world :Their experiences are available in more than 100 countries across the globe.
5 years validity: Recipients have 5 years to book their dream experience, so they have plenty of time to plan their adventure.
Special Delivery: At Tinggly you can send your gift in a numbers of ways: email (instantly!), DHL worldwide delivery (2-3 business days), or print it out and give it them in person.
They offer experiences from island hopping in Thailand, whale-watching in Iceland, or a fabulous Game of Thrones tour in Croatia. We are totally on board with any of those amazing options!

What will you get?

With Tinggly you can get either an eVoucher (pdf) file instantly to your email, print it and present to that special someone. Alternatively, you can order a gorgeous gift box, which includes a voucher with your greeting, and a beautiful brochure about Tinggly and experience gifting idea. The box is delivered via DHL in 2-3 business days. And, Tinggly gift offers a personalized note on every voucher for free.

Now what are we waiting for?! Let’s get shopping!

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One of the best parts of getting married is the honeymoon – right? But sometimes trying to plan your trip becomes really challenging. LUNA MOONS to the rescue! They have taken the complexity out of the equation and put amazing tech tools in your hands, so you’re freed up to spin your fantasy into a reality and enjoy the process.

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Conjure up your CUSTOM ITINERARY using a real-time, easy-to-use planning interface that both of you can access anywhere.

Need inspiration? Luna Moons has carefully crafted UNIQUE SOJOURNS that you can use as a template or tweak to your specifications. Peruse their  FULL LIST OF HONEYMOON ITINERARIES right here!

Sounds great, right? So I’m sure you are wondering how it works!

Design an Extraordinary Trip

With INDIVIDUAL LOGINS for the traveler and his or her co-pilot, Luna empowers couples to confidently design, plan and book an extraordinary honeymoon together. The real-time, collaborative toolset lets couples work simultaneously to brainstorm, suggest ideas, and organize the itinerary they envision.

Bring Plans to Life

Couples can choose either a LUNA TRIP or build their own. The pre-built trip include day-by-day itineraries in Italy, France and Hawaii and provide suggested hotels, schedules and side trips – freeing honeymooners to simply pick the dates, pack, and go.

Together is Better

Travel planning – especially for honeymoons – is a multi-person experience, so invite your fellow travelers to help design and make decisions. With individual logins for the traveler and his or her co-pilot, Luna’s collaborative toolset lets both work simultaneously—wherever they are—to brainstorm, suggest ideas, rejigger the calendar.

Simplifying Travel Planning

The interactive travel planner allows travelers to explore together, and model the major features of their trip, including where to stay, what to do and how to get there. The planner organizes and keeps track of all travel aspects involved in planning in order to simplify the more complex decisions travelers are required to make.

Quote and Book

Once the itinerary is finished, the traveler simply clicks “BOOK NOW”. A Luna Planner double-checks the itinerary and returns it to the couple for final approval. However many reservations, Luna will manage all the details and keep track of all the payments so travelers don’t have to.

So are you ready to start planning? Head on over to LUNA MOONS today and start planning your dream honeymoon! Can we come along?

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If you guys are like us and suffer from some major wanderlust, then today’s post is for you! For those of you who love to travel, you can attest to the fact that often times, some of the best memories are those unplanned moments along the journey. When I think back on my honeymoon, our go with the flow attitude created some of our sweetest moments–whether it was swimming in the middle of a sudden rainstorm, playing table tennis over a round of martinis, or stumbling on the best afternoon tea served on the beach–it was all about letting ourselves wander off the path and onto the memories of a lifetime.

We think the same goes for any honeymoon, but particularly for today’s featured destination: Hawaii. For many of us, this gorgeous crop of Pacific islands is all too familiar, so today, we thought we’d spark some unexpected ways to let yourself wander away from the typical expectations of a Hawaiian getaway. Let your imagination venture a little further than the typical visitor because we think you’ll discover the best there is to offer when you just Let Hawaii Happen.

With six major Hawaiian Islands, each with their own personality, today’s mini tour will guide us through our favorite three of those islands. Are you ready? Jet, set, go!

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First stop is Kauai, which is known for the gorgeous Napali Coast. With plenty of opportunity to relax, this is the perfect first honeymoon spot, where you’ll have a chance to unwind and rejuvenate on the most lush of all the islands. While there, your journey can take you anywhere from helicopter tours of waterfalls and jungles to sailing along the green coastline and horseback rides destined for secluded beaches. Talk about romance!


Next up is Oahu, the perfect place for honeymooners ready for some amazing food, nightlife, art, culture, and shopping! There’s something to suit every taste bud–whether it’s the Vietnamese Cuisine at The Pig & The Lady in Chinatown (with a Pho French Dip that we hear is a must have!), Cornflake French Toast for brunch from Koko Head Cafe, or a farm-to-table tour at Kahumana Organic Farms (overlooking the mountain range of Lualualei Valley no less), you certainly will not leave feeling disappointed–or hungry!

Hawaii, Wedding, Weddings, Honeymoon, Honeymoons, Destination, Planning, Ideas, Venues, Island, Hawaiian, Islands, Inspiration, Ocean, Seaside, Romantic

Our final stop is Maui. While laid back and leisurely, Maui also features an intriguing mix of luxe resorts, adventurous activities, and charming small towns. It’s the perfect way to end your stay with a last minute adventure before you head home! Just imagine starting your day with a drive to the famous Haleakala Summit to catch a breathtaking sunrise from 10,000 feet. After a heavy dose of caffeine and breakfast, why not try your hand at rappelling down 100-foot jungle walls for an adrenaline rush like no other!? With a long list of lookouts, breathtaking beaches, vistas, and waterfalls, there’s no way you’ll head home without an incredible bucketful of memories to last a lifetime.

Hawaii, Wedding, Weddings, Honeymoon, Honeymoons, Destination, Planning, Ideas, Venues, Island, Hawaiian, Islands, Inspiration, Ocean, Seaside, Romantic

If you can’t tell, today’s post has us packing our bags already! Who’s ready to go with us and Let Hawaii Happen?



We were spellbound when the destination wedding gurus over at The Eventeur sent us these images by The Love Studio. Seriously, you guys, this shoot is incredible! Mahla Pourshamsa, the company’s founder, director and creator of this other-worldy-amazingness had this to say about the shoot’s Mexico location: “Uayamon embodied all things that represent the sacred bond of marriage: a mystic sense of peace and protection alongside an infinite mystery that will never be truly known.” Word.

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The shoot was dreamed up years ago, when I saw an image that captivated my imagination and I spent days tracking down the location: Hacienda Uayamon in Yucatan, Mexico. There is an endless array of spectacular haciendas in Mexico but Uayamon was worth all it took to get there. Our car filled with cactus and various decor items from local artisans, we, along with The Love Studio took on the long drive from Merida to a hidden paradise located literally in the middle of the jungle. After about 2.5 hours on the road we turned down a back trail through a dense forest and for the next 25 minutes we were on our own with no car in sight. The Hacienda was unoccupied for the day to accommodate our shoot and the absolute silence accentuated its mystic serenity.










We wanted to create an unforgettable tablescape filled with velvety shades, soft textures, accents of burnished gold and whispers of times gone by. No trends – just a setting for a lavish dinner as moody and powerful as the Hacienda itself. We wanted to carry the Hacienda’s dramatic fusion of history and nature to our shoot. But we also wanted to include contemporary elements of Mexican design, so we teamed up with Aurea Galeria in Merida and they lent us the unique hand-crafted cactus pots in wood and ceramic.






Rue De Seine’s Dahlia dress from Loversland, epitomized the character of the unique bride we were dreaming of. Hacienda Uayamon was more than a venue that fit the profile, it was the destination and the inspiration itself. With all its drama and effortless grandeur. The grounds were uneven and the walls raw on its antique decaying buildings, it was powerful yet rare and delicate. Uayamon embodied all things that represent the sacred bond of marriage: a mystic sense of peace and protection alongside an infinite mystery that will never be truly known.




Creative Concept & Styling: The Eventeur // Photography: The Love Studio // Florals and Rentals: Lamadrid Weddings // Rentals: Ana Laura Q Eventos // Dress: Loversland // Hand-crafted pots: Aurea Galeria // Stationery: Anista Designs  // Cake: Uhlala Reposteria // Hair & Makeup: Cindy Sanchez Salon // Location: Hacienda Uyamon (Champeche, Mexico)

Hello fabulous (and budget-friendly) honeymoon! We’re totally into the relaxed, fun vibe of this Nicaragua honeymoon inspiration shoot from photographerAshley Sawtelle. It’s a simple formula: adorable swimsuit + great hat + gorgeous honeymoon locale. Add in your groom and a sense of adventure and you’re all set to explore the Spanish colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua. Check out the inspiration shoot, style details and shop a special Lady Grey “Get the Look” below!

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From the photographer: Nicaragua is becoming the ultimate destination for honeymooners. Not only is the country attracting chic hotels such as the Tribal Hotel in Granada (the location of the shoot), but their tourism industry is committed to keeping the country’s authenticity and eco consciousness. Not to mention it’s a very affordable destination. Floral designer, Ali Fortunato, went to the markets for local florals & botanicals to create a stunning arrangement that fit the hotel’s aesthetic. Immersing yourself in the local culture is an activity that all honeymooners should do!






Vendors: Photography: Ashley Sawtelle // Floral Design: Ali Fortunato Shop // Styling:Ashley SawtelleAli Fortunato Shop // Post Card Illustration: Lana’s Shop // Venues: The Tribal Hotel and Iglesia de Guadalupe


1. Palm Clutch 2. White Stripe Hat 3. Woven Sandals 4. Green Swinsuit 5. Round Sunglasses