I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Steffy and Sly’s destination wedding has all the making of a Portuguese fairytale. Seriously you guys—this one is breathtakingPalácio Marquês da Fronteira provided the stunning backdrop including the garden ceremony and an outdoor reception surrounded by beautiful 18th century tiles. My Fancy Wedding nailed all of the design and planning details and we’re so glad Adriana Morais Fotografia was on hand to capture all the magic with her dreamy film photography. 

from the planners: When two German and Afghan families get together for a wedding in an 18th century Portuguese Palace, we already know we have all the ingredients for something big coming up. With a bride and groom like Steffy and Sly, we are then certain that the promise of something magical and one of a kind will stay with us way beyond the day in question. And that was what happened for long weeks after the wedding of these two: we just couldn’t stop smiling and sighting every time the memory of their day flashed again in our minds.

But let’s start at the beginning. Ever since the beginning of this adventure, Steffy and Sly were looking for a venue that was so just “them”, and we immediately rolled up our sleeves and took their desire as our own. And so began a long journey throughout forts, castles, palaces and mansions; as if we were in search of a long lost Portuguese treasure. It was on their last day in Portugal that we set sight on that treasure. And as they explored every little detail of this palace with a newfound spark in their eyes, they let go a relieved sigh: “This is it. This is the home were we marry.”

Since the first day of their arrival, it was impossible not to notice the guests of this wedding. Already in “party mode”, the White they wore to the day-before beach party contrasted with everything around them, as if the difference between color of skin and hair suddenly got lost to give place to a one voiced “war shout”: We’re here! We’ve arrived!

And then comes the big day. Even the statues of the Marquês da Fronteira Palace were open-mouthed in awe, amazed by the boho chic mood that took their home by storm. Surpassing all the explosive pranks that the nervousness jabbed at the groom, it all went absolutely perfect; not even we managed to contain our tears as the delicate bride entered the ceremony, and as she locked eyes with the groom at the end of the hallway she broke down her composure, emotional and happy. It was an image that remained with us, and that even today still makes our heart beat faster.

One of the most gratifying parts for us was seeing such fun, and the guests that were talking lose their words and being only able to let go a smiling “Wow!” as they set foot in each new area of the wedding and saw all the carefully constructed ambiences and the details in the décor; it was that kind of immediate response that fills our hearts and gives us a warm feeling of mission accomplished.

After an outdoor dinner surrounded by beautiful 18th century tiles, and filled by caring friends and relatives, came the time to put that said war shout to the test on the dance floor! When the music began not even the bride’s grandmother, always with a hilarious comment by the tip of her tongue, could keep still as she shook and stretched in her chair, delighted, trying  to see the “young ones leaving it all” on the dance floor way beyond the sunrise. No one wanted to finish that day, and surrendered only at 8 AM! Legends tell that even the tiles woke up happier the day after (those who managed to get some sleep, at least)!

Steffy + Sly | Highlights | Wedding at Palácio Marquês da Fronteira in Lisbon, Portugal from Happy Together on Vimeo.

Wedding Planning & Design: My Fancy Wedding // Decor & Styling: Sofia Nascimento for My Fancy Wedding // Photography: Adriana Morais Fotografia // Venue: Palácio Marquês da Fronteira // Assistant Photographer: Filipa Couto // Wedding Film: Happy Together / Wedding Dress: PRONOVIAS // Hair & Make-Up: Carla d’Oliveira by MUA // Catering: RGN Eventos // Sound & Lightning: Groove Box // Lightning: Tecnisons // Dance Floor: Floor Sensation