I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Bride Ryan described her wedding day to Dylan as “special, unique, exciting, fun, sweaty and filled with endless love, margaritas and churros.” Fun, right?! The couple’s San Jose del Cabo wedding day was also incredibly gorgeous. Planned by Amy Abbott Events, the event was held at the art-centric Hotel El Ganzo with a ceremony on the lawn and an open air reception with stellar views. Florals by Pina Hernandez are spectacular and include an over-the-top chuppa and bold, coral and pink hued table arrangements. Ryan and Dylan enlisted the skills of Ana and Jerome Photography to capture their love, joy and the super beautiful party that celebrated it all.

Who proposed? When and how? February 4th started out like any normal day. Ryan and Dylan woke up, had their coffee and headed to the gym. They then had plans to meet friends at Firehouse, their favorite local breakfast spot. Their standard walking route takes them through the beautiful Venice Canals, where they always dream of living one day. Due to their obsession with the neighborhood, Ryan follows a blogger who lives there and on this morning Dylan was convinced he knew the location of her home. As Ryan started following him in a different direction they both noticed a bridge that they had never seen before. There was a big sign hanging that read: “No Regrets. No Bad Days”. As they both repeated the words Dylan continued talking…. When Rya noticed that he had stopped walking she turned around and he was on one knee. To say she was in shock is understatement. She was so overwhelmed with emotion that she couldn’t even see the ring, nor respond to his question. He stood up and hugged her and then the waterworks began. Once Ryan got her head on straight and realized she was being proposed to she politely ask that he do it again. Dylan being the most patient and kind man, he graciously did, and this time she said YES!

How did you choose your wedding venue? I knew I wanted it in San Jose since we frequent there for vacations and feel at peace there. Then it was a question of where. My mom is a travel agent and remembered visiting El Ganzo. She told Dylan and I about the venue and we just fell in love. We though it was so unique and beautiful.

Who designed your rings? Mine – We designed together with a jeweler in downtown Los Angeles. His – Cartier Love Ring.

What were some things that made the wedding special and unique?

1. Every bridesmaid chose their own gown. Robes were purchased on Etsy.

2. My necklace was recently given to me by mom. The center is a diamond from my grandma’s old necklace and my mom had a Pacific Palisades jewelry designer recreate a more modern look by drilling a rose gold chain through the center. It’s very special to me since it comes from my mom and grandma.

3. My parents were huge contributors to the event. My dad took care of all food and alcohol arrangements, since cooking is his passion. My mom went on every appointment and checked in with me everyday regarding wedding details. They also traveled with Dylan and I to San Jose to meet with every vendor.

What was your biggest splurge of the day? Biggest splurge were probably the outfits. I purchased a dress that I was not intending to spend that much money on, pricey shoes and earrings, and then I bought a jumpsuit for an outfit change. All worth it!

Please describe 3 personal touches:

1. Our guestbook. I assigned Dylan the task of creating our guest book. He used old photos throughout our relationship and it came out so beautifully.

2. The tallit that was wrapped around Dylan and I during the ceremony was my grandfather’s. He had just passed away a few months ago so this was a very special moment for us and our family.

3. The kiddush cups we drank from during the ceremony were from my parents’ wedding.

Please describe 3 favorite moments:

1. I love my husband so much and our first look was beautiful, but I have to say, the first look with my dad was extremely emotional. He was the first man in my life and has always been the most important man. Growing up I really admired him. This was a big moment for us and there was so much love in the room. It was really special.

2. My first favorite moment was getting on the boat with my parents to go to the ceremony site. I remember being so present and excited. I just kept thinking to myself…”how many girls get to arrive to their ceremony site by boat!?”

3. My second favorite moment was when we were all standing at the altar and the public beach across the way was blasting music. I kept telling myself to not be upset because years from now I will look back and laugh. At that moment, the Rabbi said “well, having music like this across the way is definitely a wedding first for me” and it completely broke the ice and made the crowd laugh.

What did you learn from the experience?

I learned that planning a wedding is the most stressful thing ever and having an amazing wedding planning team is key! You also need a great support team around you for the days that are extra stressful. Family and friends that can also help you make important decisions is extremely helpful. I also learned that there are just some things you have no control over, no matter how much you plan and plan…sometimes you just have to suck it up and move on. That’s life!

If you could sum up your wedding day in one sentence, how would you describe it? My wedding day was special, unique, exciting, fun, sweaty and filled with endless love, margaritas and churros.

Photography: Ana and Jerome Photography // Coordination: Ximena Perez for Amy Abbott Events // Flowers: Pina Hernandez // Signage and Printed Items: Serendipity // Venue: Hotel El Ganzo // Hair and Makeup: Blanc Bridal Salon // Dress: Leanne Marshall // Rentals: Warehouse