I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

“Music starts, We get married, Everyone parties”. This short and sweet ceremony program content sums Laurel and Michael’s approach to their destination wedding day at Floras Farm.  Amy Abbott Events  planned the relaxed day with a boho vibe and stunning, organic florals by Florenta – Lola de Campo at the outdoor ceremony and reception. We love all the authentic touches in this Cabo celebration and lucky for us  Julieta Amezcua was on hand to capture it all!

What made the wedding special and unique?

For Michael and I, the “feeling” and vibe of the wedding was very important. We wanted our wedding to feel like a celebration, a true meeting of all those that have shaped our lives. We wanted to shy away from a scripted ceremony and create a moment of fluidity (as much as a bride can really throw caution to the wind), allowing our guests to interact. We both passed on any bridal parties (aside from a Best Man and Maid of Honor) in order to keep our guests together as a group to meet, mingle and share stories. From the groom having a few cocktails with guests at the bar prior and beers at the entry to the ceremony, to hand selected guests (from both sides) popping up mid-ceremony to share poems, song lyrics and personal anecdotes, down to Michael’s sister taking a stab (for the first time) at officiating the ceremony, we tried to throw the biggest and best party of our lives with the most important guest list one could imagine. That is why Flora Farms was also the perfect venue: Chic yet rustic. Romantic yet understated. Stunning yet welcoming. The venue speaks for itself and really doesn’t require too much flare. The natural beauty of the place is what sets it apart. We also loved that our guests had been on a beach vacation at The Cape Hotel for 3 days and Flora Farms allowed them to head inland onto a working organic Farm. We took everyone out of their element and dropped them into our little wedding world.

Tell us about the gown and how/where you found it.

After Michael and I got engaged in October of 2016 in Napa, CA at his family’s winery, we had made a pact not to think about the wedding itself for at least a month, allowing us both to enjoy the engagement. October rolled into the holidays and we held up our promise to one another, and just as we started to discuss what our vision was, on a whim, on a visit to my family for Christmas, my mom, sister and I took a trip to a bridal couture shop in Scottsdale. The objective was to replay the scene in every romantic comedy, try all the dresses I DIDN’T want and have a little fun with a nice glass of champagne. We tried 5-6 different dresses, all unsuccessful. As we began to leave the store, my sister caught her eye on a grown. It was beautiful, but nothing that I ever thought I could pull off, so I never entertained the thought. As only she knows how to do, Melissa convinced me to try it on before we left.

I stepped onto the platform and even before I looked in the mirror, I knew, this was IT. The looks on my sister and my mom’s face spoke volumes, and after one look in the mirror I knew, this was the dress I would see my husband in for the first time. Contemporary and sleek with a hint of romance. I could have kept looking all over the country, but when it feels right, just like Michael did after we met, why keep looking? I bought it that day.

Tell us how you met and got engaged.

Michael and I first met December 2013 at a bar/restaurant in San Francisco. We both remember the date specifically because we still have a very important ticket stub. I was having dinner and a cocktail with a friend before heading to the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis concert at Bill Graham Music Hall. I, at the time, was working for the band Metallica and my friend was the Warner Bros. Rep for the area and was working with Macklemore that evening. Michael was on the far side of the bar celebrating with friends who had just come home from Brazil. One such friend came over to say hello with some drinks but got waylaid along the way. Michael came over in his place and we all began to chat. A quick dinner turned into a few hours and after seeing the time the ladies had to run. Uber has just hit the mainstream, and after multiple failed attempts to hail a taxi, Michael, being the gentleman that he is, called an Uber car to save the day. Before we all parted ways, my friend offered Michael and a friend, tickets and some passes for the show, knowing that there was something in the air. Michael came and enjoyed the show, and then reunited afterwards at the band meet & greet. A first date ensued and then a second, followed by 4 years of love, laughter, and endless adventure. It’s kind of funny, but we will always smile no matter where we are or what we are doing when a Macklemore song comes on. In hindsight it seemed like it was all fate with a chance encounter and, in a weird way, Macklemore became the symbol of that first night together. Us laughing, dancing, and singing our heads off at a concert together.

Michael had organized for my sister and brother-in-law plus some of our closest friends to come visit the Napa Valley for Harvest weekend (I should have known!). Harvest in Napa is always a fun celebration full of events and actual wine harvesting activities, so it was even more special for my family and some friends to make the trip and share it with us. On the first afternoon before the real event began and everyone arrived, Michael and I went to explore the beautiful and recently finished wine caves at The Napa Valley Reserve (http://www.thenapavalleyreserve.com/). We came upon a private room that had candles lit, a bottle of champagne on ice, and romantic music playing. After a quick photo in the room I told Michael that we better hurry as “it looks like something really special is about to take place in this room”.

As the words came out of my mouth, Michael dropped to his knee and asked for my hand in marriage. Not only did he catch me off guard (which takes A LOT) but it was one of the most romantic and unforgettable moments of my entire life. We ended up staying in the caves together for more than an hour celebrating as all of our friends and family impatiently waited outside to celebrate with us!

Photographer: Julieta Amezcua // Wedding Coordinator: Amy Abbott Events // Flower Company: Florenta – Lola de Campo // Stationery (printed escort tags, menus and programs): Bells and Whistles Design // Hand-painted items (table numbers, welcome sign, escort table sign, signature cocktail sign):  Serendipity Cabo // Getting Ready Location: The Cape a Thompson Hotel // Ceremony and Reception Location: Floras Farm // Wedding Gown: Martina Liana // Shoes: Valentino Caravani // Hair and Makeup: Olga Bustos // Ceremony and Reception Entertainment: DJ Alex Alanis // Mini tequilas: Casa Amigos // Cocktail and dinner music: Shamans // Rental Co: Let it Be Events // Chair rental: Del Cabo Event Design // Minister: Lisa (Groom’s sister) // Transportation Company: Impala