I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Grace and Zachary’s delightful wedding day took place at Pretty Prairie Farm. Highlights perfectly embody the cheerful couple including the sky blue barn venue, a fern-lined isle at the outdoor ceremony and punchy black-and-white striped table runners in the barn, but the bouquet by Madison House Designs is the detail that stole the show. Filled with pops of coral, huge open peonies and cascading ferns, it’s a showpiece that perfectly embodies the joyous garden-style of the day. Lucky for us Lauren Lee Photography was on hand to capture Grace and Zachary’s huge smiles and all the style in these lovely images.

What made the wedding special and unique? 

from the bride: The aisle was like my dream come true, but it was special to me because we highlighted the back row of chairs with the pompom flowers, that reminded me of my sister’s wedding and was one of my favorite memories from when we prepared for hers over 6 years ago. My sister also inspired the invitations by creating them herself for us. Lastly, the shots from my sister and brother’s toasts were one of my favorite moments, because it so perfectly depicted how well my siblings knew me and all the things Zachary would need to know as we got married.

The entire head table was set in my grandma’s china and we also had both of our mothers’ wedding dresses on display. This was a wonderful and sentimental touch for our moms and grandmas.

The same friend who would help me find my wedding dress was also there when our relationship all began, we went on double dates with her and her husband throughout our whole relationship, and looked up to them for many years. When it came time to ask someone to marry us, neither of us had a doubt in our minds that it needed to be our dear friend from all those years ago. Mike was happy to come down and so perfectly share God’s love with all of our guests and how it inspires Zachary and I every day of our lives, and his wife, Hope, was able to be one of my bridesmaids.

I loved the touch of the groomsmen boutonnieres because it was a surprise for my hubby and helped bring some things that Zach loved into the pictures and the memories by the feathers and shotgun shells. Also the confetti exit was one of my favorite moments because it was a dream of mine to have happen. When Zachary and I first started dating, his nickname for me was firecracker, and since we weren’t going to have firecrackers at our wedding, this was the perfect compromise for me, and it reminded me of those first moments we shared together four years ago.

Another detail that we loved was our first dance; the first night Zachary and I ever really went out we listened to both of the songs we chose for our first dance. It was sentimental and wild and fit our personalities so well.

Lastly the Bible we had was a non-negotiable for Zachary and I. It was the perfect color combo for our wedding and it was so beautiful and sentimental for us to have everyone we know and love highlight and share their advice for us.

Tell us about the gown and where/how you found it!

We found my dress at Universal Bridal and Prom. I originally had fallen for two dresses that could not have been more opposite. One was tight and all glitz and glam while the other was a princess ball gown all beaded and shiny. I wanted two things in my wedding dress, sleeves and glitter. I saw my dress and I told my mom, well I’m only getting married once and I want to try it. One of my best friends Hope was with me and the moment I walked out in it she said, “well that’s the one!” and she was spot on. I knew it the second I put it on, it was classy and yet fun at the same time, which is what led me to getting a sparkly gold and lace veil to add to the glam I wanted.

What was the most memorable part of the day? 

My two most surprising and  memorable moments were looking out the window while putting on my dress with my mom and my sister and seeing Zach getting his groomsmen photos taken and just immediately tearing up at the sight of seeing him. I did not expect to be so emotional, but seeing him made me so excited and ready to start our future together, and the next part was seeing my dad and dancing with my dad. I am such a daddy’s girl and other than seeing my husband and saying I do, that was by far the second most memorable moment for me. I specifically chose the songs with my dad because he and I always used to dance around the kitchen and drive my mom crazy at times, but the other song by Carrie Underwood I chose was “Girl You Think I Am,” because it so beautifully showed the love of a father for a daughter and so perfectly fit our relationship. “Bills” helped relight the mood, which my dad thus had to throw his own spin on by showing Zachary all the bills he was now responsible for!

Zachary said he had to say his most memorable moments, first and foremost was obviously me walking down the aisle to Carrie Underwood’s’ rendition of “How Great Thou Art.” But secondly he loved my dad’s toast, and first dance with me. It so clearly showed our relationship and Zach says it is a moment he would never forget.



Tell us how you met and became engaged.

Zachary and I met at Word of Life Bible institute in New York. After two years there pursuing one another, we went long distance for a year and a half before Zach surprised me. I was on Christmas break and I was working a double shift for Christmas Eve, I had just got off work when my mom was rushing me to get home and get changed to leave for family Christmas. My immediate family was all at home and we were just waiting on my sister and her family to arrive. When they got there, they said there was a package waiting outside for me, post stamped and all. When I opened it, it had wrapped presents inside for my whole family and mine was at the bottom. Everyone opened theirs and then my mom let me open mine and all that was inside was a note that said ding-dong, as I read it out loud the doorbell rang and when I opened it Zach was there. At this point we had never said I love you, because we had both been hurt before and believed that we needed to save saying I love you until we knew it would be forever. The moment Zach said I love you, I knew he was about to get down on one knee and propose. He could barely stammer out any words but I of course said yes, and my little nephew ran over to hug my new fiancé. Little did I know that Zachary was wearing the exact shirt and undershirt that he met me in 3.5 years ago. He is definitely the sentimental type.


Photographer: Lauren Lee Photography // Second Photographer: Jessica Babic Photography // Florist: Madison House Designs // Invitation Suite: Avant-Garde Impressions // Venue: Pretty Prairie Farm // Dress: Allure Bridal, From Universal Bridal // Shoes: Betsey Johnson // Hair and Makeup: J. Bentley Studio, Audi Anderson // Groom Attire: President Tuxedo // Cake & Catering: Catering by Scott // Officiant: Michael Duma // Videographer: Natalie Corina