I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

One of our favorite details from Kacie and Tyler’s beautiful wedding was the idea to record 30 second toasts from friends and family, which was then shared at their rehearsal dinner. We absolutely love how sentimental this couple was with all the details of their wedding day! You can read more of their story as you follow along with the gorgeous images by Magnolia Adam’s Photography. We can’t not mention Kacie’s silver Olia Zavozina gown. Our hearts are all aflutter!!!! Silver? Yes! Silver!!!!!! We are in love!


Tell us about the gown!

Kacie wanted something unique and different but still beautiful. She loves things with stories and meanings. When she met Olia they connected on multiple levels. Both starting a business, same age and there was a definite connection. The gown that Olia showed her had just been the finale down the runway of her last show and Olia said she felt like she had made it for her. The name of the dress was Katie and it was so close to Kacie she knew it was for her.


What were some touches added to make the day personal?

When folks arrived at the hotel, guests were handed a “welcome box” that included our favorite snacks, water and a list of our favorite things to do and see in the area. Our programs- we used our programs as a personalized thank you letter introducing each person in our wedding and highlighting some of our favorite characteristics and attributes. We had a “Family Dance” so instead of having multiple traditional dances with mom/son dad/daughter, we did one family dance mixing all family and did the electric slide to get people out on the dance floor and having fun. Because we both love humor (and are both in our 30’s), upon pronouncement of husband and wife, we had two trumpet players stand up and play the hallelujah chorus. The trumpets then led all the guests in a parade like manner over to our reception venue playing Mardi Gras style. The humor continued with a 60 second rendition of “At Last” upon introduction of the Martins at the reception. Guests left with hand blended loose leaf tea (because we own a tea shop) titled “Kacie and Tyler, a perfect blend”. I loved having honor attendants line the aisle to help give me away (representing how Christ thru community has been such a game changer for me). And how my sweet husband hand wrote thank you notes to all of our guests staying at the hotel thanking them for being a part of our celebration (they were delivered to each hotel room during the reception so our guests received them after they returned to their rooms).


What was the most memorable part of the day?

Having everyone you love in one place at one time. The times in your life that happens are weddings or funerals, so we wanted it to be a giant celebration. We worked so hard to make it not just about us, we wanted our guests to be able to celebrate and feel cared for.


Tell us how you met and became engaged.

Kacie and Tyler had a mutual friend that they went to church with that suggested they meet. This mutual friend strategically arranged their meeting and they met on the 3rd of July but Tyler felt the sparks the night.

For the proposal- Kacie had arranged a weekend get away with her girls group from church. They wanted to just get away and hang out. Tyler had a scheduled bachelor weekend but instead he flew in his family from Alabama and had Kacie’s family drive in. On their last morning Tyler had hidden himself in the cabin along with her entire family and he came out to surprise her and propose in front of everyone that meant the world to them. It was also the first time he told her he loved her.


What made the wedding special and unique?

Tyler gathered 30 second toasts via videos from all of our friends and had a video compiled so no one had to feel the pressure of getting up to talk at our rehearsal dinner and since I am a “words” person, I get to go back and watch them at any time!

Tyler and Kacie Rehearsal Dinner Toasts from Sarah Grube on Vimeo.

Vendors: Photography: Magnolia Adam’s Photography // Desserts/Cake: Brown Egg Bakery // Gown: Olia Zavozina // Venues: Myriad Gardens and Crystal Bridget, Vast OKC // Coordinator: Erin Goodrich // Flowers: Tony Foss