I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

My darlings! Happiest of happy Fridays to you all! Today, we’re sending you off to the weekend with two great things. First, a photo shoot put together by the ladies of Details Details at their recent Coordinator Confab. This color palette that is so refreshing, inventive and inspiring, that I can hardly stand it. Second, we’ve got some exciting news. Jeannie, from Details Details (literally one of the most premiere wedding event and planning companies in our industry) is hosting another workshop for aspiring wedding planners on January 30 & 31!

I get lots of emails from gals who are interested in the wedding planning career path, and there is nothing like gaining firsthand knowledge and wisdom from someone who is so experienced in the industry! Enjoy a few of the gorgeous photos from their last workshop and read a bit more about what’s up at the Coordinator Confab. (And I’ll be making a guest appearance on day two!).

Coordinator Confab is an interactive 2-day seminar designed to educate aspiring and Novice Wedding Planners, Coordinators, and Designers. This seminar is also ideal for those serious Wedding Planners who have creative design capabilities but have not received hands on comprehensive training in relation to event execution.

Our seminar will cover the fundamentals of Wedding Day Coordination as well detailed instruction on how to properly execute a wedding from beginning to end, including understanding BEO’s, reviewing vendor contracts, and properly drafting an extensive minute- by- minute timeline. We believe that extensive timeline preparation and communication with all vendors prior to the event date is the key ingredient to executing a flawless event. In addition, we will run through the specifics on conducting a rehearsal, orchestrating the entire wedding day, how to train your own wedding day assistants, and many tips in between. Do you know how to tie a bow tie or handle a French bustle with confidence?

The information will be presented in a fast-paced, fun, classroom atmosphere where attendees will have the opportunity to learn invaluable information about branding, marketing and legal issues from Southern California’s top industry professionals whose expertise has been sought out both locally and internationally.

The wedding business is an extremely competitive industry, and it is very common to seek the advice of seasoned planners and be turned down simply because one is looked upon as the “competition”. Some then turn to enrolling in online wedding planning courses or join local associations that may only leave them with outdated materials and books that they never look at again.

Details Details is an event planning company who has a successful track record and reputation in the industry, and is willing to share our “secrets to success”. This seminar we will open the doors of communication between the Novice Wedding Coordinator and the Details Details Event Planning Team, giving everyone the chance to learn from real people and conquer the key essentials of wedding coordination.

You can see more from this shoot, which was originally featured on Wedding Chicks!