Grey Likes Weddings Rockin' a new rock?!

I’ve loved reading the other Blogstress Mavens thoughts on tracking with tradition versus following freshness and doing something new! Check out Lady Jess and Lady Brunette‘s posts for more on that. But it got me thinking- why do we have to choose? Okay, okay, it might be a little difficult to find a half-mod, half-classic venue, but with the little things I’d like to think we can have our cake and eat it too. Yum…


Wedding planning can be so fun, but it can also be a real test of character as you try to graciously handle compromise after compromise to make it all come to life. So when Tyler and I started thinking about our Save the Dates, I realized it was going to be yet another challenge. Would we choose the traditional route and send out charming photos of us with the date clearly and simply stated? Or would our nerdy selves win the day and inspire us to do something unconventional and maybe a little crazy? After (very little) deliberating, we decided both! Because, you know, why not?

So when we met with our photographer to imagine our Save the Dates, we ended up deciding to do a few different shoots in the one day. You know how people bring a change of clothes to their shoots sometimes? It was kind of like that only… not.

We started the morning out on the harbor, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes, holding hands, the whole bit. It was couples-photo-shoot business as usual. It was all very lovely, and I got to wear a sparkly dress and stilettos so I was pleased as punch! Our photographer shot most of these photos in film on a Hasselblad and it was a very charming experience.


Then came the costume change. We ditched the harbor for a more urban setting, and I traded my heels for thigh-high boots. Lest you begin to be concerned this is headed a boudoir-esque direction, fear not. Our next shoot was much more kid-friendly than that. We donned the digs of our favorite superheroes (Spider-Man for him, Ms. Marvel for me) and conscripted some of our bridal party to pose with us as we acted out our fantasy of delivering the world from evil. In this shoot, we saved “The Date,” a rare painting of fictitious origin. Wedding crasher beware, we’re ready to kick you to the curb!



Dramatic? Definitely. Childlike? Probably. But we had the time of our lives and even got to involve our friends. So when the time came to actually create and send out the Save the Dates, we decided to send our harbor shot to our more traditional guests: grandparents, family friends, distant cousins, etc. But our friends, the people who know us best and who would appreciate our weird sense of humor, got a comic strip in the mail. And in the end, we got to respect the conventions that are probably there for a reason while still paying homage to the things we love that lean in the weird direction. Our guests get to save the date, and we get to save our integrity and sanity with two shoots that were very us.

So which one would you like to get in the mail?


Cake by Rosie of Sweetapolita // Photos by Megan Moore