I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

You guys! This is such a significant Christmas for Bryan and me! It is our last year as a family of two! We’ll be welcoming our first baby this spring, and we are so excited! One of our favorite traditions each holiday is hosting a small family dinner. We break out the china, crystal, fabulous wine, and enjoy the twinkling lights of our small home.


This time next year we’ll be toasting in a different home (we’ve got to make room for the little one!) and have another little person joining us at the table. Because we love tradition so much, we thought it would be fun for us to share a little sneak peek of what we have planned for our Christmas table this year! My holiday decor is all about muted tones of white, cream, silver, gold, with hints of soft blue, blush, and mint. We were lucky enough to have a chance to receive some gorg bottles of Votre Sante by Francis Ford Coppola, which subsequently match our table beautifully, and luckily, taste as fab as they look!


My pregnant emotions have me crying at the drop of a hat, so of course this sentimental video about family traditions has me all teary eyed. We are so excited to be starting our family and establishing all the family traditions we loved while growing up.

Speaking of family tradition, we love that Votre Santé wines were created in honor of Francis’s paternal grandmother, Maria Zasa who began a family tradition of toasting “a votre santé,” meaning “to your health,” each time she raised a glass. These fabulous wines, were designed with that in mind, so they are the type you’d be happy to serve alongside any meal as the perfect accompaniment to toast any family tradition, whether preserving centuries-old traditions, or creating new and lasting memories.

So we want to know, what are some of your favorite family traditions that are are excited to start, and/or pass on as your grow YOUR family?