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You guys know that I don’t post too many wedding videos here on Grey Likes…only because they can often be pretty long for the regular blog reader. But today’s video by Couture Motion is quick enough to watch but I’m warning you. DO NOT PRESS PLAY unless you are ready to tear up. You’ll want to grab the phone and call your honey just to say “I love you.” Warm fuzzies are all over this. But more importantly, you’ve got to first read Jackie’s thoughts on the video. She really sums up why, if you can manage it, hiring someone to capture your wedding on video is a really great investment. So first up, here’s Jackie:

My name is Jacqueline Geary and my husband’s name is Jamison Haase.  We were married at the Santa Margarita Ranch in Santa Margarita, CA on June 4, 2010. Jamison and I only had a tight budget, and wanted to have the most beautiful, Anthropologie-esque wedding as possible, so we figured that a wedding video was completely out of the question.  As we went through the planning process, it wasn’t something that was even crossing our minds, let alone that we were shopping for.  But as we were making little nips and tucks here and there to be able to afford it all (the biggest of which was deciding to have our wedding on a Friday, and thereby getting sizable discounts on site, photography, and catering fees), it looked like MAYBE, just maybe, we might be able to squeeze something in.

After a pretty sizable search, we wound up finding Megan and Ian Swanson at Couture Motion, whose work was not only our favorite, but they offered us the best, most complete package — for the best price.  We were sold, and so excited; especially about their pre-wedding “Love Story” video included in our package… priceless, right?  Our experience shooting that with them about a month before the wedding was so emotional and so wonderful — they made us feel instantly at ease, and like we’d known them both forever. Needless to say, that made us even more confident about our choice, and even more excited about our fast-approaching big day.

So… the wedding itself.  There is so much to say about this day, words can’t even describe it, really. . . and somehow, just somehow, our video can.   And that, right there, is what makes it the single best decision we made regarding our wedding day.  We’ve had so many friends and relatives tell us how indescribable the day was for them, and how when they tried to explain it to people who weren’t there, they just didn’t get it, so — they showed them the video.  And they got it.  We’ve heard stories of friends of friends watching it, and crying along with us during our vows — a friend of a friend who was so inspired that she finally found the courage to get out of a bad relationship; even a total stranger who wrote a blog post about how the video renewed her faith in love when all her hope in it was lost.  My sister’s friend from high school recently confessed she’d stumbled across it on facebook and proceeded to watch it several times a day for a few MONTHS afterward.  That’s how powerful it is.  It means the world to us that we have it.  It’s priceless.  It’s everything.  Just last week, Jamison and I watched it again together, crying and crying as if we were re-living the day all over again.  Cause every time we see it, we are.

Jackie | Jamison Highlight from Couture Motion on Vimeo.

Venue: Santa Margarita Ranch / Coordination & Flowers: Adornments / Bridal Hair & Make Up: Rhonda Johnson / Photography: Allyson Magda / Filmmaker: Couture Motion Wedding Films / Cake: The Cakery / DJ: Joe LaBarbera / Bride’s Dress: San Patrick / Bridesmaids’ Dresses: J.Crew / Bride’s Shoes: Nina