I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

It’s Friday! You’ve already got your weekend plans on the brain, right? I’m super excited to be going to a pop up tasting tomorrow night hosted by Room Forty. Fun, right? We’re also fitting in paddle boarding at some point (which will hopefully counteract the aforementioned, right?). Before we head out for the weekend, I’ve got two three goodies to share with you before you head off to your weekend.

First, is the winner of our Shoot This Not That Giveaway, courtesy of Miller’s Lab. The winners are Green Tree Photography from Huntsville, Alabama. So excited to welcome y’all to SoCal! Congratulations!

Second goodie: a few pics from some of my recent work with 31 Bits. We’ve been moving into the studio lately and I love it!

The third goodie is a DISCOUNT! Holla. We love 31 Bits, mostly because of their goal: Using fashion and design to empower women to rise above poverty. 31 Bits is made by women in Uganda and purchasing their jewelry means you are giving back, which is really a total win-win. 31 Bits is offering Grey readers a 15% discount on your entire purchase for the next week. Holla! Just enter GREYLIKES15 at checkout.

And now onto the images shot by Trever Hoehne and styled by moi, Summer Watkins. To see the catalog, head here.

summer watkins wardrobe styling
wardrobe styling for fall winter
31 bits