I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Oh my goodness! I’m always so dang excited when I get to feature some of my newest work! We were insanely super busy with shoots and projects over the summer, so all the goodies are now coming out and of course, it’s so fun to share it all with you!

Today, you get to see the most recent shoot I styled for 31 Bits. They have just launched a wedding line, giving you the opportunity to support a wonderful cause while looking fabulous on your wedding day. The shoot was featured yesterday on 100 Layer Cake (where they’ll be hosting a pop up shot for 31 Bits next week). You can also see more of the images in the 31 Bits catalog!

32 bits wedding fashion

As always, these shoots are very dependent upon RAD vendors that help us make magic happen. For this shoot, a very big shout out goes to David’s Bridal of South Coast, who lent us the lovely Oleg Cassini dress and David’s Bridal Cathedral Veil. We also love (in a crazy kind of way) Found Vintage Rentals, who is responsible for that ridic awesome chair!

The cutie pie cake was created by Erica O’Brien, the cake stand is from My Sweet and Saucy Supply, and that bridesmaid dress? The one with the fringe? (Kill me now!). It’s from H&M. And guess how much it cost? You are going to freak…$35!!!!!!!!! How cute is that, right? Can you please put your bridesmaids in an H&M dress? I would be forever grateful. Especially if the situation involves fringe.

And the kick ass photography? (Yes…I just said kick ass…because it really is). Trever Hoehne Photography. He’s my hero, in more ways that one. He makes my job easy. These girls could be in potato sacks and it would still look high fashion.

The flags above are DIY! The neon yellow belt on the left is from H&M’s summer collection, as are the orange wedges. The jean jacket is a find from Urban Outfitters. The fluffy fabulous dress is Enzoani. Don’t you love the idea of adding pops of color into your wedding ensemble?

Are you into the bride’s birdcage headpiece shown above? It took about two seconds to whip up with russian netting and a bobby pin. It’s big. It’s stylish. And it’s a dream come true.

I think a bright belt is a ridiculously crazy awesome way of spicing up your wedding dress! Especially in the summer months, these pops of color take the look to a whole new level! The peachy belt above is  J.Crew find from the summer collection. Will someone please try this in real life? I promise, you’ll thank me. That tiny waist will look even tinier. Really. Truly.

Leather jackets on your bridesmaids? Why the heck not? Socks with heels? We gave it whirl and it’s really working for me.

Lastly, just for a little behind the scenes fun, below is a little snap of our wall of inspiration that we collected and posted in the studio to keep us inspired for the shoot. When I’m on sets like this, I can’t help but feel absurdly thankful for my job.

If you love the bits as much as I do, head on over to their shop and consider picking up a few pieces…whether it’s for your wedding, a bridesmaid, or just a regular Thursday. Either way, it’s for a good cause, so it’s a win-win.