I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Happy Friday, my lovelies. I wanted to do a little round up today. I’m always collecting inspiration over on Pinterest and at some point, it’s necessary that I share a bit with you. (But if you have a Pinterest account, you can always follow Grey Likes to keep up on a daily basis).

First, let’s discuss these gorgeous blooms by Poppies and Posies (originally blogged by Simple Song). There’s nothing like rustic flowers to add some character to a romantic bouquet, right? Just a little something unexpected. That’s my word whenever I style: “Unexpected.” Whenever Megan from MaeMae Paperie designs for me, she cracks up, because I always ask for “something unexpected.” I think it’s absolutely necessary to have an element that grabs your attention a causes a little ruckus with your eyeballs. It keeps you staring longer.

I also thought, for those of you crazy blog lovers like myself, that you’d adore the “I Love Blogs and Coffee” poster by Jen Ramos. I mean…doesn’t that belong above the area where your computer resides??

Also…how darling are those silver ice cream spoons? I think they make a perfect wedding or shower gift! And pink donuts? You guys…I love donuts. Much more than I love cake. So the idea of donuts at my wedding or shower…or brunch wedding…or brunch shower. Stop it right now. The ideas are flowing faster than I can type. Check out how to make your own over on Butterflyfood (found via Bonnie Tsang).

Also, my amazingly talent friend, Mindy Gayer, just launched her new styling site and I’m madly in love. You must check out her portfolio and her blog. Here’s one of my faves though, styled by Miss Mindy herself and shot by Jehna Raquel.

Today I’m on set styling for 31 Bits. Our guest model for this line is none other than one Promise Tangeman. Promise is totally web-famous so I’m super excited to work with her. I hope you enjoy your weekend darlings!