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We are so excited to announce the finalists for our Just Said Yes Wedding Giveaway, hosted by Sarah Jayne Photography, The Little Things, Sweet Annie Floral Design, and PinholePress.com.

To submit your vote, read the couples’ stories below, pick a favorite, and then head to these albums on Facebook to scroll through and “like” (aka vote) for the couple you’ve chosen! There are three albums where you can find your favorite and “like”/vote, so head here: The Little Things, Sarah Jayne Photography, and Sweet Annie Floral Design. Bonus points are awarded if you “like” their page too! Are you ready to meet our finalists?



CAITLIN AND TOM are an adorable couple, who will be getting married on beautiful Fire Island, NY, where they first met, had their first date AND got engaged!  In fact, the symbolism of their proposal story is what tugged at our heart strings.  Tom brought Caitlin to her favorite spot, the Fire Island Lighthouse for a beautiful winter walk.  When they got there, they made their way up the lighthouse, taking breaks along the way to catch their breath, enjoy the amazing views, and at each window, Tom compared that particular stop to the steps they had taken in their relationship.  So sweet, right?  Ironically enough, during their walk up the lighthouse, Caitlin and Tom ran into a tour guide who asked if the two were married.  When they replied, “not yet”, the tour guide proceeded to tell them about all of the couples who had gotten engaged while visiting the beautiful lighthouse.  Did he know what was about to happen?!  Just after hearing these romantic stories of other couples, Tom added his and Caitlin’s to the list by asking her to be his wife!  Of course, Caitlin was ecstatic and said, “YES!”

CLAIRE AND MICHAEL met when they both interviewed for the same Ph.D. program. They both were accepted to the program, and became friends almost immediately. After making it through their first year of school as clinical psychology students and as good friends, their relationship took a romantic turn, and they’ve been inseparable ever since! Michael and Claire were engaged on November 17, and in Claire’s excitement, she poked her new fiancée in the eye with her beautiful engagement ring as she went to hug him. They laughed it off, but we wish we could have been there to see it! These two lovebirds were originally planning on eloping to Scotland, but then they decided they wanted to share their day with their friends and family before (most likely) heading off to different cities for their clinical internships.

Based in the Boston area, we absolutely loved this story from locals JESSICA AND DANIEL. Daniel is in the military and had away for training for a little under a year. One cold morning in December Jessica’s best friend and maid of honor took her out for a spa day. They had a lovely day of pampering and even some wine, and afterward Jackie convinced Jessica to go on a walk saying there would be fireworks at Castle Island, a recreation area on the beach that sits south of Boston. They got home, picked up their dog Macy, and then went out for a brisk walk. As they walked they took in the various holiday displays…it was certainly quite festive outside. Then Jackie pointed out a holiday wreath. As Jessica turned to look she saw a man sitting on one of the park benches but she couldn’t really make out the wreath her friend was talking about. Confused she kept walking closer and as she approached the park bench a display of Christmas lights turned on and there was Dan, who flew home early from being deployed to propose to his future bride. What a special moment for these two, after having to spend such a long time apart!

***Voting ends at midnight, Thursday, February 13th. Our winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day!