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Today we’re back with another great video by Lindye Galloway about Finding the Perfect Venue. This video got me thinking about how ridiculously hard it can be to find venues, so I thought I’d ask you readers to chime in! For those of you that have already booked your venue, how’d you go about finding it? Were there any online resources you turned to? I know when we started researching for my sister’s weddings, we spent tons of time combing through Here Comes the Guide. Nowadays, it’s also really helpful to use wedding blogs. But what else did you guys turn to for scouting out the ideal location?

Now here’s LIndye with some great tips to remember for narrowing down the perfect locale. My favorite tip is remembering to ask tons of questions about what’s included. All too often, brides book a venue and then are shocked to discover they still have to pay for chairs, tables, linens or even worse: bathrooms!

Suddenly Inspired || Finding the Perfect Venue from Lindye Galloway on Vimeo.