I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Darlings! If you haven’t yet heard of Traveler’s Joy, you must check it out! It is a honeymoon registry website that allows you to register for your travel, as well as specific honeymoon related activities and products.

One of my favorite parts of Traveler’s Joy is that you get to register for big ticket items, like a $500 camera, and then break up the cost into multiple gifts of $100.

I really think honeymoon registries are so great, especially because you can really personalize the experience for friends and family who want to contribute to your trip! The sky is the limit, so I love the idea of adventurous hiking excursions…

…mountaintop picnics…

…or just simply extra time on the island.

Setting up your registry is SUPER quick and easy, so head here to get started. You can also read some of the members’ stories for a little honeymoon inspiration!