I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

We’re coming at you a little late today…Grey profusely apologizes for her tardy behavior. But it’s the first day of school, and with all this academia in the air, she couldn’t resist a second showing of You’ve Got Mail, which in turn caused a last minute excursion for fresh notebooks and sharpened number 2 pencils.

Now onto some wedding inspiration…and the color pink. Here’s a compilation of images inspired by Grey’s love for that oh so feminine hue. Little miss pink can pair herself with pops of bright color (Oh, hello, Vanity Fair), a little zebra accessory, perhaps with some fringe detailing (that necklace is named Wanderlust…must have immediately), and come out looking all modern and glam. When you mix and match unexpected elements with feminine touches like the center invitation by Kelsey Garrity-Riley (via Where the Lovely Things Are), you end up with a perfect combination. Could this be your wedding inspo board?

Mmmm. Ordering up a pink lemonade before I wilt. (Image by Anna Skoog via Santa Barbara Chic.)