I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

So, here’s the thing. I know you know this. If you’re planning a wedding, you troll all the pretty blogs looking for pictures of all those great ideas that we call details. Those tiny, thoughtful, yet seemingly insignificant elements come together to turn a wedding into an experience for the bride and groom as well as the guests. Most brides today are searching for ways in which they can creatively inject personality into their day, particularly because weddings can sometimes start to look cookie cutter.

Well, what happens if you create all of these beautiful elements for your wedding and when you get your photos back, the endless hours you spent hand tying vintage fabric and organic twine around your grandmother’s homemade blackberry marmalade goes undocumented because you don’t have a photo? They looked so pretty too, in their display that you found inspiration for in the ancient archives of a blog you’ve read entirely through…twice.

This, my friends, is an ode to the delightful photographers out there who pay attention to detail…and make sure to shoot it…and shoot it well. The great photographer will make you feel like you had a magazine worthy wedding–not only because he makes your pics look as stunning as you’ve imagined, but also because he documents all the thoughtful work you put into each element.

Below are some of my favorite photographers and my favorite details they’ve captured. Be sure to tell your photographer to catch a snapshot of all those pretty details that convey all the thought that went into memorializing such a lovely day.

{Michael Norwood}

Michael Norwood Details


Becker Details

{Jessica Claire}

Jessica Claire

{Jose Villa}

Jose Villa Details

{Trever Hoehne}

Trever Hoehne Details

{Mel Barlow}

Mel Barlow Details

More to come!