I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Remember that one time when you and your fella were taking a romantic walk in the rain and then posed with a rainbow? No? Oh, that’s right–not normal! Chris and Alex’s engagement session by Tess Pace Photography is so lovely, we had to do a double take. The colors, the cloudy day, the rainbow? Say what?




Tell us how you met.

Chris and I met at a Christian summer camp in Minnesota during the summer of 2011. We were both youth ministers, teaching students how to sail, canoe, and kayak. The funny thing is, neither of us knew how to do any of those things… We spent long days in the summer sun having conversations about our faith and playing guitar. Well, Chris played and Alex sung at a pitch only dogs can hear. We didn’t express any romantic interest outwardly toward one another, but we both enjoyed each other’s company and would have non-stop fun all day long. We kept in contact after camp and we eventually started dating 6 months later. During our time dating, we spent two months in Africa together (that’s a whole different story!) and many hours on the plane as we traveled back and forth from Colorado to Minnesota for visits. Then, on March 30th, 2013 Chris proposed…




Describe the proposal.

Chris and I had been dating long distance for over a year and a half when he asked me what I would like in a proposal… my only two wishes were that it was a surprise and that my friends and family would be involved and there to celebrate with us! Chris coordinated with my best friend and maid of honor, Emily, to fly out to Colorado early in the morning (unbeknownst to me) and hike a beautiful trail near my house. This was actually the very first date/hike we went on when Chris first came out to visit me. That morning my roommates and I had planned to go on the hike to spend “quality roommate time” together (I live with 6 other girls and we LOVE doing fun things together). We hiked up the mountain and low and behold, Chris was standing at the very top, dressed adorably, waiting for me. He got down on one knee and gave a beautiful proposal. Unfortunately, I was so overwhelmed with him being in Colorado that I had to make him repeat it later that night because I didn’t remember a word of it! After I said ‘yes!’ (of course) we hiked back down the mountain and I was brought to a restaurant in town. When we got to our upstairs table, all of my closest friends and family were there to surprise me and congratulate us! It was absolutely perfect!


Can you describe what you are planning for your big day?

Our wedding design will be one of rustic elegance with touches of vintage flare. Of course, Pinterest has been a huge help in coming up with ideas! We love the idea of having things fun, crafty, rustic, and somewhat original, and for our wedding, the beauty will be in all the small details!


Vendors: Photography: Tess Pace Photography // Makeup Artist: Heathyrre Kautz Couture // Bride’s Dresses: Cali & Mo // Groom’s Clothing: Banana Republic