I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

This newlywed photo shoot by Kristi Wright (who happens to be one of our Grey Likes Photographers!!!) is particularly special for a few reasons. First off, it started in their new home as a newly married couple. So sweet! Second, they explored their neighborhood on a new tandem bike. Kristi explains the significance of the bike:

During their pre-marriage counseling sessions their pastor asked them to best describe their relationship. They said they were always together. Never apart. So on their wedding day, their pastor presented them with a personal gift, a tandem bicycle. It had belonged to him and his own wife for nearly 20+ years. He wanted it to be a reminder to them of when their love was young and new. A reminder of how they needed to stick together for marriage is a long journey.

But beyond the at home session and the yellow tandem bike, I actually think my favorite part of this session is Victoria and Taylor’s request to recreate a picture of their grandparents when they were young. So they went down to a nearby tennis court to recreate the image. The idea is so dang sentimental, I can’t get over it!