I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Today I’ve got a really special treat for you. Max and Molly are aspiring videographers (you’ll see why when you watch these videos) and are so cute, I could dump them into a jar and carry it around for happiness jolts throughout my day. I first heard of the pair via Katie of Ever After Honeymoons who, along with her associates, picked them to receive a free honeymoon giveaway to Zoetry Resorts. Max and Molly had to win a dance off at the recent Hitched, and as rumor has it, they were the most darling couple anyone has every seen. Ever.

Now I’m about to prove it to you with these videos of the two. First, their Save-the-Date video, and next, their recap of Hitched, which includes scenes of their dance off (along with some behind-the-scenes of their engagement photo shoot with fave photog Braedon Flynn). These videos make me melt…and want to take dance lessons.

Save The Date :: April 23, 2011 from max and molly on Vimeo.

Hitched – DANCE OFF from max and molly on Vimeo.