I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Roanna and Rob and a super gorgeous couple that have Facebook to thank for their reconnection! Roanna shared their modern lover story with us below and we couldn’t help but feel totally smitten–especially because their engagement images are so insanely gorgeous, thanks to Reid Lambshead of When He Found Her.




How Rob and I met:

Rob and I met 10 years prior to being engaged. We were in high school and knew mutual acquaintances. Fast-forward 4 years later, Rob found me on Facebook and eventually had the guts to message me. We basically caught up with each others’ life stories and he visited me at work and we have been inseparable ever since. From that day when we saw each other again after many years, we just could not get enough of each other.




The Engagement:

Rob and I were born four days apart and because we love to travel, we usually go on vacations for our birthdays. This particular time around we went on a cruise. The moment happened at Turks and Caicos where Rob chartered a private boat. I hate swimming, I am not very good at it, so when he told me he chartered a boat and we were going to go snorkeling, I was having a slight panic attack. As I saw Rob in the water waiting for me what other choice did I have but to jump in? After snorkeling we went to Gibbs Cay where we could get up close and encounter stingrays! Overall we survived both parts of the private excursion. On the same island where the stingrays were, he took me for a walk to the other side of the island where he began nervously telling me the reasons I’ve made his life that much better. As I saw him kicking the sand, I knew what he was trying to do; I have never seen him this nervous around me before. He finally grabbed my hand then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, where of course I said YES! We then had a private picnic on the beach toasting to our future.



Vendor: Photography: Reid Lambshead of When He Found Her