I want to become a society lady Rockin' a new rock?!

Augusta and Brandon are an adorable couple with such a sweet engagement story. We’ll let the bride-to-be tell you all about the proposal but we must say…how perfect is Charleston for the most gorgeous engagement session backdrop?!


Our engagement was a complete and utter perfect surprise. While Brandon and I had definitely been discussing getting married some time in the near future, I had no concept of when, where, or how!

Brandon and I traveled “home” to Charlottesville in late September as Easton had a wedding at Clifton Inn and Brandon had some work to do at Pippin Hill for future projects. In retrospect, I was a little surprised at how eager Brandon was to get home for this working weekend, but I did not think too much of it at the time.

Lynn and I were busy with a rehearsal dinner and wedding the majority of the weekend so I did not see much of Brandon, but I remember showing Lynn a sweet text from Brandon during installation. He asked if we could plan to go downtown on Sunday morning for brunch at one of our favorite spots. Brandon and I met in Charlottesville while I was living on the Downtown Mall so we really cherish our time in the area when we visit from Charleston.

As planned, Brandon and I carved some time out together on Sunday morning and went for brunch and then a stroll on the mall – just like we would have done if we still lived in Cville. While we were enjoying our walk, Brandon veered off the mall toward Lee Park. We took a lap, and then I started to get a little ancy because I needed to run a couple of errands before our evening plans! Brandon insisted that we take one more turn around the park (which was bizarre since we never spent much time there) and then I became a little suspicious. Noting my curiosity was peaked, he asked me to sit down on the nearest park bench and sweetly surprised me with the most sincere proposal and a beautiful sapphire ring. It was perfect and just right for us.

The rest of the day was spent in an excited, hazy glow sharing the news with Brandon’s family who live in town and calling my family! Then we were so lucky to spend our engagement day evening out at Pippin Hill for the Easton Foto Feast with an incredible collection of photographers from across the region. We were so fortunate to sit across the table from Jordan of Landon Jacob photography and truly this is how these unbelievably cherished photos came about. And for the story to become even more full circle, Brandon and I feel like the luckiest couple in the world to be hosting our wedding at Pippin Hill this summer!!!








Vendor: Photography: Landon Jacob